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Known Issues

Course Menu Becomes hidden When the Browser Window is Resized to a Smaller Size:

Wiki Content is Gone After a Student Submitted a New Edition

Description: If instructors create a Wiki page with content that has more than 100,000 characters (including HTMLCode View formatting), and a student edits the same content, all text is removed by Global Safe HTML Filter resulting in an empty Wiki page. The same behavior is observed is Discussion boards.
Workaround: Select all text and click on clear format button from the text editor. Then re-format all font styles using the text editor provided in Blackboard. And do not use wiki for very long documents.

Spell Check Suggestions Not Functioning with IE11

When using IE11 in the April Release, the Spell Check contextual drop down menu in the VTBE does not function. 
: Use Firefox or Chrome browser.

Decimal Places for Percentages are Displaying out to Four Places in the Grade Center 

Documentation on the grade center indicates that, while calculations are based on four decimal places, the display should only show two decimal places. 
NoteBlackboard presents no workaround or scheduled fix at this time.

Instructor Feedback Submit Bar Floats Out of Place

When grading an assignment with feedback, the submit bar can float out of place and cover part of the feedback text editor.
Workaround: adjust the screen size of your browser window, so that the bar doesn’t cover the feedback area.

Grade Attempts Page does not Begin with the Attempt of First Student Listed in Grade Center

Issue Description: When an instructor goes to the Grade Center, and attempts to grade attempts in a column, the first attempt that appears is not from the first student that is listed on the Grade Center. Essentially, the attempts appear at (as an example) attempt 7 of 12 instead of at the first attempt, listed alphabetically, by student last name.
Note: There is no planned patch available.
Workaround: Select the first student in Grade Center and grade the attempt. And then the other attempts will follow in order. 

Discussions Board Reverts Back to List View

Description: The Tree View option in Discussions doesn't persist when going into a thread and back out.
Note: There is not a planned fix for now.

Texts pasted from a Word document breaks the word wrapping on the page

Description: User pastes the contents from a Word document into the content editor. After clicking on submit, the page now extends width wise, which forces users to scroll horizontally in order to read the contents.
Note: This issue does not happen consistently. Blackboard does not plan to fix this issue. 
Work Around: Write text directly in the content editor within Blackboard. If you decide to use Word, copy the text and first paste into a plain-text editor (i.e. Notepad for Windows; TextEdit for Mac), then copy the text from the plain-text editor to Blackboard's content editor.

Videos with the URL "mms://" cannot be played on a Mac

Description: Mac users cannot play links starting with mms://. 
Work Around: Users may need to install a player that can play mms streaming protocol, such as VLC player. After the installation, click on the mms:// link. You will be asked whether to open the link using VLC app. Select Yes. The link will be added to the player's playlist.  

Troubleshoot "mms://" protocol playback issues on a PC

Users may experience non-responsive action when clicking a link starting with "mms://". To troubleshoot the issue:
1. Run Search apps (Windows logo key +S)
2. Type in Control Panel in the search box
3. Click on Programs > Default Programs > Associate a file type or protocol with a program
4. You will see a list, scroll down to the Protocols section and find the name MMS
5. Select MMS, then click on Change Program button.
6. Select Windows Media Player (or VLC if it is installed on the computer) from the list, and click on OK.
7. Click on Close button.

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Last Updated: 9/6/17