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Proposal Development

idea1. "I Have an Idea!"

Engage with Sponsored Projects EARLY and OFTEN if you have an interest in a grant opportunity. Communicate to Sponsored Projects your interest in a particular opportunity or share any project ideas that could qualify for external funding. Click here to get started!

needs2. Meet with Sponsored Projects

Project concepts hold the potential for funding from diverse sources when your objectives align with the funding provider's mission, goals, and criteria. Schedule a meeting with the Director of Sponsored Projects to gain insights into the feasibility of your idea and determine the necessary next steps before proceeding with development.

meeting3. College Alignment

Convene your essential team members and relevant stakeholders to assess whether the project aligns with the college's requirements, contributes to a sustainable and positive change for our student body, and is consistent with the college's strategic initiatives and mission.

writing4. Develop Proposal and Submit the Grant Initiation Form

Initiate the development of your proposal in a clear and concise manner to ensure that any reader comprehends your objectives, goals, and the immediate and lasting impact of the project plan. Structure your proposal with a logical flow supported by evidence-based data to substantiate the identified need. After creating a project plan along with an associated budget, submit the Grant Funding Initiation Form via DocuSign for approval from institutional leadership. Allow sufficient time for internal review and approval. 

submit5. Submit Proposal

The proposal, including the budget and requirements from the funding source, must undergo a thorough review and receive the necessary approvals before it can be submitted to the funding source. This process can take several weeks, especially if changes or clarifications are needed within the proposal. An authorized representative/Signing Official from the Controller's Office or the CCRI Foundation will submit on behalf of grant project teams.

decline6. Proposal Not Approved?

The likelihood of proposal rejection is high, with approvals being less common due to economic challenges and heightened competition. Despite initial setbacks, it is crucial not to be disheartened! If a proposal is rejected, Sponsored Projects can collaborate with the development team to consider resubmission to the same sponsor or explore new opportunities. Resubmitting proposals with reviewer feedback significantly improves the chances of approval, particularly with federal agencies. Recognizing rejection as part of the funding process is essential, and Sponsored Projects is happy to help support refining, rebuilding, rebranding, or redirecting a proposal to a more suitable funding source.