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Homeland Security Certificate

The Homeland Security Certificate, the Emergency Management Certificate and the Emergency Management Degree Program are currently suspended and not accepting new students.

The Emergency Management Program in collaboration with the Law Enforcement and Computer Studies Programs is offering a Certificate in Homeland Security (Fall 2013).

The certificate is 18 credits and offers the student an opportunity to pursue three different tracks. The core courses for each track are HMLS 1000 Introduction to Homeland Security, HMLS 1050 Intelligence Analysis and Risk Management, and HMLS 1100 Border and Transportation  Security.

The Emergency Management track requires the student to take 3 additional courses EMER 1010 Understanding and Responding to Terrorism, EMER 1020 Bioterrorism and Public Health Emergencies and EMER 1040 Managing the Psychological Impact of Terrorism and Disasters.

The Law Enforcement track requires the student to take 3 additional course LAWS 1000 Introduction to Law Enforcement, LAWS 1010 Criminal Law, and LAWS 1020 Criminal Procedures.

The Computer Studies (Cyber Security) track requires students to take three additional courses COMI 2035 Introduction to Computer Forensics, COMI 2036 Introduction to Computer Ethics, and COMI 2037 Introduction to Cyber Security.

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