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Services for Parenting Students

Children on Campus

Children (or any unregistered person) are not allowed in classrooms or labs; however, parenting students may have their minor children with them while conducting business on campus or while attending events or other activities. Minor children must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or other responsible adult at least 18 years or older at all times.

Changing Stations

Most restrooms include changing stations for your use. Restrooms with changing stations are indicated on the campus maps.


Currently, CCRI does not offer babysitting services on site.

Support for New & Expecting Parents

Dunamis Synergy offers dedicated family coaching and wrap-around supports. [Read More about Dunamis Synergy]

Lactation Rooms

Nursing mothers may sign up to use lactation rooms on campus. Currently, CCRI has a stand-alone lactation room at our Flanagan campus in room 2302. At the Knight campus, nursing mothers can use the stand-alone facilities in room 1146, which is on the first level, at the end of the Lower Commons, behind the cafeteria. While there is no room number on the door, it is clearly labeled "lactation room." The lactation facility at the Liston campus is room 2242. At our Newport County campus, room 206 is a small office next to a restroom and is available for nursing mothers. At this time, room 206 does not have its own sink, but plans are in review to provide a working sink in the room.

Rules for using the lactation rooms are located on the wall in each room and can be found here.

At the Knight, Liston and Flanagan campuses, to sign up to use the lactation rooms, please email [email protected]. Since those campuses have active card-swipe technology for door access, you will be issued a key card for the lactation room for the current semester. At the Newport campus, sign up at [email protected] and the college police will have the access list.