Safe Zone Trained Members

Gender Equity
Name Role
Michael Cunningham Dean of Students
Nancy Forsstrom Program Coordinator
Knight Campus
Name Department
Advising and Counseling Department
Fatima Devine Human Services
Pam Forleo Career Planning
Joanne Galliano Success Center
Christine Jenkins Student Life
Leslie Kennedy IT
Jamie McCutcheon Student Life
Brenda McGill Disability Services
James Miller Sociology
Michelle O'Brien Human Resources
Molly Owens Advising & Counseling
Carol Patnaude Human Services
Rachel Rogers Psychology
Gail Sidney Access to Opportunity
Kevin Salisbury Athletics
Sharon Siedliski Career Planning
Sara Enright Student Affairs
Ron Schertz Student Affairs
Joe Pavone Dean of Students
Tracy Karasinski Office of Opportunity and Outreach
Sheri Norton Human Resources
Jennifer Simon Human Resources
Amanda Richards Human Resources
Robin Donnelly Human Resources
Belinda McLaughlin Human Resources
Stephanie Cruz Access
Barbara Leasher Math
Noreen Fantozzi Success Center
Jana Knibb Sociology
Matt Ulricksen Social Sciences
Paula Marcello Human Services
Kate Dunnigan Social Sciences

Flanagan Campus
Name Department
Advising and Counseling Department
Helen Ducharme Disability Services
Kathleen Garcia Biology
Sylvain Loize Advising & Counseling
Leigh Martin English
Suzanne McCormack history
James Miller Sociology
Brenda Pacheco Student Life
Maureen Papagolos Business
Kevin Salisbury Athletics
Karen Souza Dental Hygiene
Rich Tarlaian Criminal Justice
Abigail Wamboldt Art
Gerald Williams Psychology
Rebecca Yount Student Life
Mary Baker Administration
Julie Galleshaw Dental Health
Cynthia Johnson Dental Health
Audra Lovoie Dental Health
Jamie Nash CWCE
Lauren Pecchia IT Nursing
Jean Potvin Human Services
Marjorie Briody Institutional Advancement
Luz Nunez REACH
Holly Susi English
Dawn Lapre Math
Wendy Pelto Athletics
Lori Nacci Faculty Offices
Cindy Arce Enrollment Services
Shawn Parker Art
Debra St. Pierre Allied Health
Elizabethe Plante Access
Liston Campus
Name Department
Advising and Counseling Department
Chris Hedenberg CWCE
Alejandro Latinez Foreign Languages
Michelle Lussier Disability Services
Brenda Pacheco Student Life
Crystal Bergantine Enrollment Services
Marian (Mimi) Fattore Advising & Counseling
Barry O'Connor Enrollment Services
James Hinsey Nursing
Angela Salvadore CWCE
Kathleen Finan Library
Laura Ryan Library
Pam Hallene English
Newport Campus
Name Department
Advising and Counseling Department
Robyn Greene Administration
Michael Nardone OTC
Terry Notarpippo Enrollment Services
Liz Shea Disability Services
Billie Jane Valente Advising & Counseling
Christie Cocklin
Maria Almonte
Tania Cabral
Kaitlin Carnahan
James Driscoll
Jared Gervais
Elizabeth Houghton
Katricia Padula
Hafida Zerouali
Laura Salazar
Brett Boissoneault
Kerri Maher

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