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Bonus Project

To recognize and reward members of the bargaining unit for outstanding performance or the completion of the College’s Leadership Development Program, the Community College agrees to establish a special project bonus pool in the amount of $23,184 for each year of the agreement. Members will be eligible to receive a one time, lump sum bonus of $1,000 or $2,000, not accruing to their salary base, and paid out in the year for which the award is approved.

Leadership Development Program

CCRI recognizes that employees encompass varying levels of experience and expertise and that the greatest value derived from any talent development program is one that focuses on the specific needs of each individual; and acknowledges that leadership qualities are valued at all levels of the organization and that further development of leadership competencies by each employee benefits not only the employee, but the institution and its students.

The Leadership Development Program will aim to develop leadership competencies that are aligned with those defined by the American Association of Community Colleges. While the program is comprised of some core components required of each participant, success measures will be articulated and the program will be customizable to maximize individualized growth opportunities for each participant.

Employees may enroll in the leadership development program at any time during the Academic year, and may do so by contacting Human Resources. Enrollment will be at no cost to the participant and completion of the program’s components may be done during normal working hours. The program will consist of a self-assessment, online learning modules, face-to-face learning modules, and a capstone project.

For more in-depth information about the Leadership Development Program, please review Toni Spirito's capstone project and related links:

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Bonus Project

The CCRIPSA member will develop and submit a project proposal to his/her department director/chairperson. The department director/chairperson and the divisional Vice President will review each proposal and determine those for which they recommend approval and those for which approval is not recommended. All of the recommendations will then be submitted for approval to a committee composed of the three divisional Vice Presidents of their designees and two (2) members of the CCRIPSA. At that time, the Committee will also assign one of the above bonus increment amounts to each approved proposal. Upon completion of the project as approved, the bargaining unit member will submit the appropriate documentation of that fact to the above Committee for final approval of a project bonus increment.

The submission of project proposals to the above Committee shall be no later than December 1 of each year of the contract. The Committee will make its decisions regarding initial approval of the projects by December 31 of each year of the current contract. Should there be an insufficient number of proposals submitted by the established deadline to ensure distribution of the entire sum of money available, late submissions may be considered. The project bonuses will be distributed prior to June 30th of each year of the Agreement. The decisions of the above committee concerning the approval of projects and the award of project bonuses shall not be grievable. Members of the bargaining unit supported by federal or other grant funds will be eligible to receive the lump sum merit increase where federal or other grant funds are available. If funds are not available within College grant funds to support the lump sum merit increase, CCRIPSA members supported by federal or other grant funds shall still be eligible to receive the lump sum merit increase.

Each project must be submitted in writing by the above deadlines. A project should be designed to allow its completion by the last day of May of the fiscal year in which it has begun. Members should design projects which will accomplish a task or goal that is of benefit to the incumbent’s department or to the College in general. The project cannot be one of the incumbent’s normally assigned responsibilities. The time needed to work on the project is not subject to the Overtime or Leave clauses contained within the bargaining unit agreement.