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Strategic Planning 2022–25

Through strategic planning, our aim was to foster an open and inclusive process that included diversity of thought and experiences. We are pleased to share that this spring 479 people participated in this process across 661 touchpoints. Representatives from every division have been involved in this work and we are very proud of the community buy-in with college-wide initiative.

Kristen Albritton and Liz Giordano shared takeaways during the OneCCRI/Professional Development Day presentation. If you didn’t see it, you can watch it online with captions or read highlights below.  

Through numerous conversations and the faculty and staff survey, the following themes emerged:

  • We like the strategic plan. Across all our goals and strategies, more than 95% of people agree they are all important to fulfilling our mission.
  • We are proud of the work we do to support students, and the accomplishments that have led to being a more nimble and collaborative college community.
  • We have work left to do. Comments around areas to improve include the importance of defining metrics and incorporating the strategic plan in college-wide updates, as well as the need to explicitly call-out our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our goals. 

This summer, we will begin the ‘Strategic Plan Refresh’ process to create our Strategic Plan 2022-25. This updated version will be shared with the college community in September to collect final feedback before it is presented to the Council later this fall. 

Ongoing opportunities to engage in this process will be posted in CC Daily. You can always share ideas on the questions page or over e-mail to Liz Giordano

Visit this page often for updates on CCRI’s strategic planning process.