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CIT Events

The Center for Instruction & Technology hosts workshops and presentations throughout the year to provide faculty development for online learning and instructional technology topics. The goal of these sessions is to educate, inform, and inspire faculty on how today's learning environment can be enhanced through technology. Faculty will earn 3 - 7 CTE Knight Points for each workshop and/or webinar attended.

Ongoing Events:

Setting Up Your Blackboard Course - Self-guided Online Bb Course

Register for our online, self-guided resource to learn the basics of Blackboard, so you can get your course up and running with a solid foundation. The course will also be a handy tool to refer back to while working in your course(s). Topics include:

  • The Basics
  • The Course menu
  • Bb Tools
  • Presenting Content
  • organizing your content
  • Creating Content Areas and uploading files
  • Content Collection and course file size

Register Here

One-on-One Instruction & Technology Consultations

One-on-One instructional technology consultations are available by appointment.

These highly successful one-on-one, customized training sessions can be the answer to your faculty technology development and instructional support needs.

  • Receive individualized assistance with instructional technologies
  • Apply technologies to meet your course learning objectives
  • Get started with Blackboard or learn a new tool
  • Instructional Design Services
  • Faculty Technology Orientation

Please go to the IT Help Desk Portal to schedule your one-on-one consultation appointment. Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Past Events:

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

A real-time video conferencing tool built for education. You have both a dedicated course room and the ability to schedule as many new sessions as you want within each of your Blackboard courses. Thanks to robust collaboration and conference tools, everyone feels like they’re in the same room together, regardless of their location or device. Learn all the Collaborate basics as well as taking attendance, creating breakout groups, recording sessions and sharing the recordings.

Getting Started w/ Blackboard

New to Blackboard and need to get your course up and running or are you in need of a Bb refresher? These “Intro to Bb” professional development workshops will be made up of demonstrations and lecture to begin building your course in Bb… topics that will be covered include:

  • Bb user interface for you and for students
  • Course design methods based upon your teaching style and consistent with your syllabus
  • Organizing, building, and managing course content based on pedagogical best practices
  • Communication with students
  • Uploading and using video content

Assignments, Inline Grading and Tests

Learn how to use the Assignments tool to efficiently create assignments that assess students in a variety of meaningful ways and decide on the best way to present the assignments you create. Learn how to effectively create Tests to engage your students. You will also learn how to deploy tests within content areas of your courses. Topics will include:

  • SafeAssign
  • Multiple Attempts
  • Grade Center Correlation
  • Inline Grading
  • My Grades
  • Due Dates
  • Creating Tests
  • Question Types
  • Test Pools
  • Test Options
  • Respondus Test Generator

Mastering the Grade Center

This workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to the grade center tool. Use this valuable tool to help understand student progress and make informed decisions on how to improve educational performance. This workshop assumes you are already familiar with Assignments, Tests, and other Blackboard tools. This workshop will cover the following Grade Center topics:

  • Navigating the Grade Center
  • Organizing rows and columns
  • Managing Grades
  • Using categories
  • Create calculated columns
  • Grading Assignments
  • View Grade Details

Medial and MediaLecture

Medial is CCRI's video streaming server and MediaLecture is CCRI's screen capturing app. Learn all the various options in which you can record your classroom lectures. The Workshop will also cover editing, adding titles to your video within MediaLecture as well as linking your videos to your Blackboard courses.

Discussion Board, Blogs, and Journals

Online discussions provide unique benefits. Because students can take time to ponder before they post ideas, you may see more thoughtful conversations. You can observe as students demonstrate their grasp of the material and correct misconceptions. A sense of community among students is crucial for a successful online experience. With online discussions, course members can replicate the robust discussions that take place in the traditional classroom. Also, learn the differences and similarities between Discussions, Blogs and Journals. Learn how to properly select the tool that correlates with what you want to accomplish and which is best suited for your course and teaching style. Also learn about the Groups tool... group work improves critical thinking, problem solving, adaptability, and communication among students.

Exporting/Archiving Your Blackboard Course Content

The Export/Archive course feature creates a ZIP file of your course content that you can import to create a new course. Learn how to export, download, store, and use a Blackboard Export/Archive file, and the benefits that exported courses provide instructors.

Blackboard Tests

Learn how to effectively create Tests to engage your students. You will also learn how to deploy tests within content areas of your courses. Topics will include:

  • Creating Tests
  • Question Types
  • Test Pools
  • Test Options

Introduction to VoiceThread

Learn how to upload, share and discuss documents, presentations, images, audio files and videos to create effective engagement and discussions between you and your students. This webinar covers the below topics:

  • Activating your VoiceThread account
  • Creating a VoiceThread
  • Creating a direct link in Blackboard to a VoiceThread