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Sexual Discrimination

Sexual Harassment and Violence Policy | Purpose

Defines the types of conduct that will be considered to be prohibited sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual violence at the Covered Entities, provides examples of such prohibited conduct, sets forth the mandatory and discretionary reporting obligations and procedures pertaining to such conduct that is witnessed, experienced or learned about by, or reported to, employees of the Covered Entities. Provides a list of contacts, and internal and external resources, available to individuals who experience or witness acts of sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual violence or who have questions relating to those subjects.

Sexual Violence and Harassment Policy

This policy expands the definitions of sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and retaliation, as well as describing the procedures for each situation. In all cases, harassment undermines the College's commitments to excellence and to respect for the dignity and worth of all individuals. CCRI’s harassment prevention policies applies to harassment committed by employees, students, and third parties (such as vendors, contractors, and visitors to campus); CCRI’s Sexual Violence and Harassment Policy applies to sexual misconduct committed by students; you can find information regarding that policy and its complaint-handling procedures here


For sexual harassment and discrimination training session information, contact Kara DiPaola at [email protected]