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Title IX Resources

The CCRI administration wants to support victims of sexual assault in any way we can. Below are some on-campus services and resources offered to victims of sexual assault, discrimination, and/or violence.


Reasonable measures, assistance, accommodations and resources are available to both the complainant and respondent. A complainant may request accommodations and resources regardless of any decision to pursue an investigation with the college or law enforcement. CCRI will make accommodations and provide protective measures if either party requests them and the accommodations are reasonably available. We encourage parties to seek accommodations that best support them.

  • Common accommodations
    • Academic: Students finding their academic progress affected by an incident or allegation can request assistance from Title IX Coordinator or Dean of Students, who will help arrange appropriate accommodations. These can include incompletes, class changes, additional time for work, and other academic accommodations.
    • No contact directive: We will issue No Contact Directives when appropriate including, but not limited to, when it is necessary to minimize interactions between the parties or preserve the safety of the parties and other community members.
    • Financial Aid: If you have questions or concerns about student financial aid-related issues, please contact CCRI’s Office of Financial Aid: [email protected] or 401- 825-2468.
    • Visa and Immigration Assistance: If you have questions or concerns about how your experience and needs may intersect with your visa and/or immigration status, please contact CCRI’s Office of Financial Aid ([email protected] or 401-825-2468) and/or the immigration resources available in the Legal Resources section of this booklet.
    • CCRI Disability Services for Students: DSS coordinators and support staff are available on each of CCRI’s four campuses to meet with students with disabilities and provide the necessary and reasonable accommodations students need to be successful. 401-825-2164 |

Additional Measures: Other arrangements, such as work accommodations or transportation options can be made on a case-by-case basis to provide students and employees with additional distance from the other party or to address other needs related to the experience, such as attendance at court dates. We encourage you to share your needs with the Title IX Coordinator so that we can work with you to address them.

External Resources

View the Title IX Handbook for a complete listing of community/external resources offered in Rhode Island.