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Pregnancy and Parenting


Title IX is a federal law that protects pregnant and parenting students from discrimination and harassment. Under Title IX, students are eligible for support and accommodations based on a medical need related to pregnancy.

An accommodation is any change to the environment, tasks, or expectations that allow a pregnant or newly parenting person to perform successfully in class at CCRI and enjoy equal educational opportunity.

Accommodations come in many forms. They may depend on the class and coursework, the way pregnancy impacts a student’s ability to do their classwork, and the environment of the class.

Examples of accommodations on the basis of pregnancy include:

  • The ability to sit or stand as needed
  • Drink water or have food as needed
  • Receive closer parking
  • Flexible hours and deadlines
  • Receive additional break time to use the bathroom, eat and rest
  • Leave to attend medical appointments and recover from childbirth
  • Be excused from strenuous activities and/or activities that involve exposure to situations not safe for pregnancy

Each campus has a lactation room available for those who need to utilize a private space to pump.

Any person who needs an accommodation can request one by contacting Kara DiPaola at [email protected] or at 401-825-1126 (office) or 401-895-1095 (cell).