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Online Student Support Services

student choosing classesAs an online student, you have access to the same services and resources available to all student. Unless otherwise noted, staff are available by phone, email, and video conferencing (by appointment).

In general, students can use their MyCCRI accounts to access the following services: add or drop a class online, pay for a course online using a credit card, check seat availability in a course, view an unofficial transcript, view a degree audit, check midterm and final grades for courses, monitor status of financial aid and account balances.

Note: The links in the headers below will take you to the home page for each service area. The description for each below identifies any specific information you need to access the services remotely.


Learn how to apply and what to expect. Take the student orientation. Find information for military/veterans, adult students, and about residency.

Financial Aid

Find out what aid options apply to you and what the deadlines are for applying for it.


Look for and register for online courses that fit your program.


See if any prior college experience can apply to your CCRI program. Look into where your courses from CCRI can take you.

Advising & Counseling

Discover what classes help you achieve your goals and any course or program requirements. Find out the options for adding or dropping classes. Take a career assessment. Talk to a career counselor about employment directions that match your interests and direction. Experiencing anxiety or problems that are impacting your school work? Personal counseling is available as well.

Disability Services

Determine if a disability service or accommodation is appropriate for you. Access forms, guidance, and professionals to evaluate your options.


Access databases, articles, electronic materials. Reach out to reference librarians for assistance with research. 

Student Success Centers & Tutoring

Access academic assistance and tutoring. Learn study techniques and strategies. Prep for major exams. Peer tutoring services are available.

Writing Centers

Access help with writing tasks as pre-writing, organizing, drafting, revising, and editing different kinds of papers for any CCRI course. Make an appointment or come during drop in hours. Online handouts,  tutorials, and links to resources are also available.

Technology Help

See what software is available for use for students. Sign up for RAVE Emergency Alerts. Students have access to Microsoft Office suite (O365) for free.

Connect 4 Education (music courses)