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Computer Skills Self-Assessment

Online students are required to use their CCRI e-mail account, to have regular access to a reliable computer and internet connection, and to be able to use a web browser. We strongly recommend that you have your own computer rather than relying on computers at office/public sites that are not available to you on weekends or evenings. Your particular course may also have additional requirements such as specific software that runs on your computer, which may or may not entail additional hardware needs.

Online courses are delivered to you in a variety of methods. The following statements can help you assess your computer skills and determine which courses might suit you best.

Question Yes No
1. I can use a web browser such as Firefox or Chrome.
2. I’m comfortable using a word processing program such as MS Word.
3. I can use more than one program at a time or view more than one web page at a time.
4. I can send an email with an attachment.
5. I can cut/copy and paste text.
6. I can download and install a computer program or plug-in.
7. I am comfortable learning a new computer program.
8. I am comfortable using online Help to solve problems and answer questions.

2 points for each “Yes” answer
0 point for each “No” answer

Scores between 16-8: Technology should not be a significant barrier to you

Scores 6 or under: Technology may impact your success online. Consider a hybrid or on-ground course that uses technology to build your skills.