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Can a tutor help me to get an "A" on my paper?

Maybe. Many of the students who get help at the CCRI Writing Center receive "A's" on their papers; however, the rate of grade improvement for spending an hour revising one paper in the Writing Center averages around 10% for that one paper. In other words, if a paper received a "D" before being revised, it might receive a "C" after revision help in the writing center. Spending more time at the writing center, though, will improve a writer's skills even more, which usually results in the writer showing added improvement after multiple visits to the writing center.

Do I have to be failing a course to get help at the CCRI Writing Center?

No. In fact, most of the writers who come into the writing center are "A", "B" and "C" students.

Is there a charge for a writing consultation?

No. Consultations are free for all CCRI students, faculty, and staff members.

Does my professor have to fill out a referral form for me to go to the writing center?

No. Students can receive help with or without a form from a professor.

Do I have to be associated with CCRI to get help with my writing?

Yes. All current CCRI students, faculty, and staff can consult with writing center staff members.

Is an appointment necessary to see a tutor in the CCRI Writing Center?

We highly recommend that you make an appointment ahead of time to ensure that you can be seen. While walk-in help often is available, having an appointment is better because a student will not have to wait around until other students who have appointments are finished. 

Do you have computers so that I can print out my essay?

Maybe. Depending on the campus, one or more computers and a printer might be available for use by writing center visitors. Because of time and other considerations, though, students are encouraged to bring printed versions of their papers to the writing center. Papers can be printed at the CCRI Computer Labs, which offer printing and other services to the college's community.

Can I use a computer in the writing center to check my email or to look at websites on the Internet?

Sometimes. When a computer is available, a student who is getting help at one of the writing centers can use it. The computers have Internet access, and students can write or revise papers, check their email, and even look at websites. As with other computers in public areas, only material appropriate for viewing by people of all ages and different backgrounds is permitted in the CCRI Writing Center.

What should I bring to the writing center?

Students can bring any items that might be useful, such as an assignment, a course's syllabus, a list of ideas for a paper, comments from professors, one or more drafts of a paper, questions, problems, or a referral form. If a student is doing research for a paper, source materials--such as articles, books, and printouts of pages from websites--also can be brought in.

Can I get tutoring help at any of the CCRI Writing Centers?

Yes. All CCRI students, faculty, and staff members can consult with the staff at any of the college's writing center locations.

Can I come to the writing center with questions about writing, rather than with a paper?

Yes. Writing center personnel can answer questions about many aspects of writing, including organizing ideas, writing thesis statements, doing research, and fixing grammatical errors.

What if I can't write anything? Can someone still help me if I have nothing written down?

Yes. The CCRI Writing Center often helps students to get started on a project, such as with prewriting techniques, research methods, and solutions for overcoming writer's block or another problem.

If I send an email copy of my paper to the CCRI Writing Center, will someone correct it and return it to me?

Yes. We can help you in person to work with you on a paper at one of the CCRI Writing Centers or connect with us remotely. During the consultation, both the student and a tutor will work on a paper; this kind of help will result in a student improving as a writer, as well as in a paper being improved.

Do you have textbooks, grammar books, and other resources that I can use while I'm at the writing center?

Yes. All of the CCRI Writing Centers have helpful resources, including books, handouts, and electronic source materials.

Can I get help with other kinds of writing besides essays for an English class?

Yes. The CCRI Writing Center offers a large variety of consultation services, including tutoring help with any CCRI writing projects, such as papers for any course, resumes, application letters, and transfer letters.

Who are the tutors?

The CCRI Writing Center tutors include the coordinator, other staff members, and peer tutors. Some of the writing center consultants have professional degrees, and all of the consultants have received good grades in their writing courses, as well as training in tutoring techniques and in writing consultations.

Do you hire CCRI students to help out in the writing center?

Yes. The writing center has a small number of paid tutoring positions on the Knight Campus.

I am taking a class at the CCRI Newport Campus. Where can I get help with my writing?

The CCRI Success Center on the Newport Campus offers proofreading services. If more intensive writing or revision help is needed, a student can go to one of the writing centers on the Knight, Flanagan, and/or Liston Campuses or connect with us remotely.

Can I use my cell phone in the writing center?

No. Cell phones should be turned off. Important phone calls can be answered in the corridor outside of the writing center.

Whom should I contact with my other questions?

Staff members at any of the CCRI Writing Center locations can answer questions.