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Music Theory Advising Assessment

Welcome to the CCRI Music Program's preregistration assessment for Music Theory 1. The purpose of this brief assessment is to help guide you in your enrollment process.  This assistance is offered to you with an eye toward providing you the following three benefits:

  1. That you will be more informed about the nature of our program's Music Theory curriculum.
  2. That you will enter the curriculum at the level that is appropriate to your current knowledge and skill level.
  3. That, as a result, you'll be more likely to enjoy higher achievement throughout your progress in the curriculum and a successful outcome to your studies.

The assessment will quiz you on samples of basic music theory and notation concepts. You should be well-prepared and strongly competent in these matters prior to enrolling in MUSC 1700 Music Theory 1. Prior to or after taking the assessment, you may wish to review basic concepts by consulting with a basic theory text such as Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory (Books 1-3); Units 1-14.

  • If upon submitting the assessment you receive a score less than 80%, it is advised that you postpone registering for MUSC 1700 Music Theory 1 until you have completed one of the following two options:
  • Enroll, complete, and pass the MUSC 1010 Foundations in Music course, which runs each semester and in summer sessions in many available sections of both traditional or online formats.
  • Speak with a music professor for further consultation and advising.

We look forward to you joining with us in enjoying and studying music here in the Music Program. We stand ready to assist you with all of your enrollment questions, and we wish you well in your studies!