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Guided Pathways at CCRI

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Value Statement

While CCRI has made significant gains in student graduation rates in recent years, still far too many students leave the college without meeting their personal, economic, and career goals. Experience and trends show further gaps in completion rates for students in minoritized populations. If the process through which students must move (non-academically and academically) to meet their goals is too cumbersome, overwhelming, or unclear, they are less likely to succeed.

CCRI has adopted the guided pathways framework in pursuit of reaching our Strategic Plan goals.

The goal of guided pathways at CCRI is to remove or reduce barriers that stand in the way of students meeting their personal, economic, and career goals while heavily focusing on closing equity gaps within our college community.

The guided pathways framework, at its core, is comprised of four pillars:

  1. Clarify the paths to student goals
  2. Help students get on a path quickly and thoughtfully
  3. Help students stay on their path
  4. Ensure students are learning

It is our intention to strengthen existing processes and build necessary new tools at the college to help students move through their college career efficiently, ensuring they maximize the resources they invest in a CCRI education.  Guided pathways can help streamline and clarify these processes, keeping the student experience at the center of our efforts. All constituents of the college can come together to make sure that students understand how to enroll, how to make use of support services, how to move through their desired path, and ultimately how to apply what they have learned to their careers, future educational endeavors, and civic and community life.

To those ends,

  • We will work together as one college to streamline enrollment processes, and to clearly map out program requirements.
  • We will refine and strengthen academic and personal student supports at the course, program, and individual level to maximize credit momentum and ensure our students gain the most from each course they complete.
  • We will maximize efficiency of our human and technological resources to help students navigate their paths.
  • We will communicate clearly with students, making information easily accessible, especially through the college’s website.
  • We will examine college practices and policies to break down barriers and close gaps for students in minoritized groups.
  • We will provide a robust First Year Experience for entering students.
  • We will educate students about the CCRI tools and resources necessary to adapt to challenges they may experience along their path.
  • We will adopt an advising model that will allow advisors time to explore students’ career goals and interests from their earliest encounters with the college, in addition to individual course selection.
  • We will enhance and expand partnerships with community stakeholders, including career and K-12 partners.
  • We will work together, across all areas of the college, to build and navigate roads to a more equitable and just future for our students, who represent the future of Rhode Island.

Guided Pathways Graphic

Click on the image above to explore the guided pathways implementation infographic from the Pathways Collaborative

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