How the Study of Italian Has Effected My Life

Heather Truppi

All my life I have been interested in learning about the Italian culture. My Great Grandparents were born in Italy. Although I was very young at the time, the stories they shared with me of their lives in Italy have stayed with me.

As I grew older I felt a strong desire to pursue this interest by studying the Italian culture in school. This has been a very rewarding experience for me. Through the course of my Italian studies, I have enjoyed learning the history, the culture, but most of all the language. The more I learned, the more special my heritage becomes to me.

Although I value my heritage, I do not believe I can fully appreciate it until I have experienced it for myself. This is why I hope to spend a semester studying in Italy. The experience would enhance not only my appreciation but also my understanding of the culture. I would be so fortunate to spend time in a place so full of history and beauty. I would be able to use what I have learned in my study of the Italian language. I would have the chance to explore the country and see things I have only read about. This would be an invaluable experience. I hope to make this dream a reality someday soon..

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