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Community College of Rhode Island

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Data Access Authorization Request Form

You must fill this form out before you print it. Thank you.

Please provide the following information:
Supervisory (Ability to approve timesheets/leave reports)
Supervisory Access After employee's supervisor has signed this form, please return to the DBA on the Knight Campus, room 2115
Student Access Return to Data Access Officer: - Stacy Flowers, Flanagan Campus for CWCE

Melissa Braun, Flanagan Campus for Student Affairs and all other departments
Finance/Purchasing Access (Return to: Kent Gates, Business Office - 3rd Floor, Knight Campus) FOAPAL information (Contact Kent Gates x1114 with questions):

Human Resources (Human Resources, Payroll, and Business Office only)
Human Resources Access Return to Data Access Officer: Robin Donnelly, Human Resources, Knight Campus, room 3118
Travel and Expense
Travel and Expense Access (Return to: Controller's Office - 2nd Floor, Knight Campus) FOPAL information (Contact Dave Rawlinson x2280 with questions):

Workflow Access Workflow Approver
User (Traveler) Approver Delegate Super Delegate
Profile Admin Advance Admin Travel & Expense Admin
Delegate Admin Perdiem Admin
Argos Access Return to Data Access Officer: Peter Chin on the Knight Campus, IT Operations

*Your CCRI ID# is the 8-digit number below your name on your Faculty/Staff or Student ID.

Knight Flanagan Liston Newport County Shepard Building Westerly Satellite

Faculty Staff PT Staff Adjunct Student Intern Volunteer Temp
**Student accounts are terminated at the end of the current semester.
New Terminated Change
Entry Level Approval Level

Remember! You must fill this form out
before you print it. Thank you.

Agreement: I have read, understood, and agree to comply with FERPA regulations, the CCRI Data Security Policy and the CCRI Policy on the Responsible use of Information Technology; I understand that I am responsible for any computing activity carried out using this account. Access to Banner will be activated upon completion of all training.

Employee's Signature: _______________________________________  Date: _________________

Supervisor's Signature: ______________________________________  Date: _________________

Office Use Only

Enter class, role access or folder if applicable:

Access to: Test  Production

Data Access Officer Signature: _______________________________________  Date: ______________

IT Dept. Completion Date and Initials: _________________

Last Updated: 5/28/19