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Campus Police

CCRI's Campus Police Department is a multi-campus law enforcement department with personnel available 24 hours per day / 7 days per week. Campus Police officers have the same authority that is conferred upon municipal police officers. In case of emergency, they may be reached at the following locations:

Campus Police contact info
Campus Location Contact
Warwick Ground Floor - Main Building - Room 0284 401-825-2109
Lincoln First Floor - Entrance A 401-333-7035
Providence First Floor - Main Entrance - Room 1157A 401-455-6050
Newport County First Floor - Main Entrance 401-851-1620

College employees should familiarize themselves with the Emergency Response Guide developed by the Campus Police Department and maintained in each department. This guide includes a CCRI emergency response team organizational chart, role descriptions, duty checklists, and comprehensive team action plans for emergencies such as but not limited to fire, bomb threats, power outages, hazardous materials accidents, medical emergencies, and suicide attempts. Employees should be familiar with emergency evacuation routes and designated safe zones for disabled individuals.

Employees should contact Campus Police with any questions.

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