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Roger M. Hart

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I am a geophysicist who is broadly interested in the planetary sciences. I am currently a PhD candidate at URI where my research currently focuses on examining planetary analog field sites using geomagnetism and using computer simulations, constrained by astronomical observations of terrestrial planets, exoplanets, and icy moons. These are framed through investigations of planetary habitability

Office Hours

Fall 2023 

Monday: 2 PM-4 PM, FL 1374
Tuesday: 2:30 PM-4:30 PM, KN 2226
Wednesday: 11:45 AM- 2 PM, FL 1374; 5-9:00 PM ZOOM ROOM
Thursday: Meetings 1-4 PM; Zoom by appointment only
Friday: Meetings 9-1 PM; Zoom by appointment only


B.S. in Geology (Earth Sciences)

M.S. in Environmental Sciences (Earth Sciences) 

M.S. in Physics 


ASTR 1010 - The Solar System
GEOL 1010 - Introduction to Geology - How the Earth Works
OCEN 1010 - Introduction to Oceanography
OCEN 1030 - Oceanography Lab
PHYS 1000 - Physics of Everyday Life
PHYS 1030 - General Physics I
PHYS 1500 - University Physics II (Lecture) 
PHYS 1501 - University Physics II Lab

Learning Resources

I am interested in engaging CCRI students with exploring, monitoring, and discovering, within the planetary sciences. Planetary Science project funding has been generously supported, especially student projects, by the NASA RI Space Grant Consortium.

Additional Information (Links)

Students at CCRI who are interested in majoring in either Geology or Physics and want to remain instate can transfer to the University of Rhode Island. There is a Joint Admissions Agreement (JAA) with URI in both Geology and Geological Oceanography and Physics.The first two years of your Bachelor's degree will be completed at CCRI all while earning your Associate degree. Once transferred to RIC or URI, JAA students receive the following benefits:

Up to 30% discounted tuition at RIC or URI depending on your CCRI GPA
Waived application fee
Conditional acceptance to URI or RIC
Personalized advising at CCRI, URI, and RIC
More than 60 majors to choose from
Transfer seamlessly as a junior in your major