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Equipment & Facilities Use Policy

Updated: 9/1/2023

For each course you are taking, please sign the Semester Agreement Form, acknowledging you have read and agree to abide by our equipment & facilities use policy (detailed below).

The Equipment Center & Digital Media Labs serve the students, faculty, and staff of CCRI by vending media production equipment for Communication and Media curricular use.

The mission of the Equipment Center is to ensure that its customers have timely access to production equipment in good working order, and to provide high quality technical and operational services in support of their projects.

In order to maintain a successful partnership between Equipment Center staff and its users, the following policies and procedures are in place to ensure:

  • Students and Faculty have timely access to the equipment specified for their particular courses
  • The Equipment Center is able to maintain maximum equipment availability, excellent customer service and quality control

At the start of each semester, eligible students wishing to use equipment and facilities must fill out and sign the Equipment and Facilities Use Contract. The Contract must be filled out for each production course in which any one student is enrolled. By signing the form, each student agrees to abide by these policies and procedures. Therefore, it is the student’s responsibility to read, understand and comply with these policies.

CCRI students currently enrolled in approved COMM/FILM production courses, having authorization from a course instructor and showing valid CCRI ID may borrow equipment for assigned class projects. Due to the high volume and quick turnaround of student checkouts, equipment may not be used for productions of any other kind, including but not limited to, paid shoots or other personal projects.

Equipment checked out may not be signed out for, or loaned to, other students. In the case of a group project, one student will be primarily responsible for the equipment but group members within the class can be added to the reservation as “associated patrons” by Equipment Center staff and equipment shared. The primary student, however, remains responsible for any penalties (see below) unless otherwise arranged with an Equipment Center manager.

I. Familiarity with Equipment

Equipment Center staff are available for assistance with any equipment operational questions, concerns or issues you may have. More in-depth training with equipment is typically performed by faculty members during pre-arranged in-class demonstrations with equipment provided by the Equipment Center. The Comm program also periodically offers training workshops for certain specialized equipment.

Recording Media & Memory Cards

Students are solely responsible for providing their own memory cards for media recording and data storage. Memory cards will not be vended and students should not store media on classroom computers, as they are automatically wiped upon logout.

II. Reservation and Checkout Procedures

Process for equipment authorization:

  • Prior to the beginning of each semester, each faculty member determines the equipment required for each course’s curriculum, which is then sent to Equipment Center managers.
  • Projects requiring equipment that varies from the course’s allocated equipment will require prior authorization from an appropriate faculty member and Equipment Center managers.
  • A student’s equipment authorizations are not cumulative and prior authorization for a specific piece of equipment does not ensure its authorization to a student in future semesters.
  • Once students are trained and given assignments, professors authorize the class via email to Equipment Center staff. Students can then begin making reservations at the Equipment Center with the specified equipment for their shoots.

Process for checking out equipment:

  • Equipment is checked out on a first come, first served basis. The Equipment Center does not currently offer advanced reservations for equipment.
  • Most equipment may be checked out for periods of up to 4 hours, and may not be brought off campus or checked out overnight, except with specific instructor and Equipment Center approval
  • Standard overnight checkout duration is 48 hours or Friday to Monday; only certain pieces of equipment are available for overnight checkout
  • All equipment must be returned 30 minutes prior to the Equipment Center’s closing time for that day, regardless of checkout duration
  • Prior to checking out equipment, it is the student’s responsibility to review the specified return time, thoroughly check the provided equipment list, confirm all items listed are present and in working order, then sign the loan agreement form.
    • The student signing the loan agreement form is solely responsible for loss and/or damage to, and prompt return of the equipment, and will be charged accordingly.
    • Students should alert Equipment Center staff if anything is missing, unusual, extra or malfunctioning before leaving the Equipment Center.
    • Take note of how the equipment is packed; you must return it with the same organization.
  • Students must return equipment by the specified return time.
    • Equipment Center staff check-in of equipment is a two-step process. First, the desk worker checks that all components have been returned without obvious damage. Next, the equipment is thoroughly checked ensure it is complete and in good working order.
    • Students are able to leave the Equipment Center after the first check but may be notified of an issue with the equipment discovered in the second check within two business days.

If a problem arises with the equipment during your checkout period, you are required to immediately notify the Equipment Center staff and/or managers to the nature of the issue. Do not attempt repairs of equipment yourself. Unreported damage discovered may result in financial liability for the last user. Abuse of equipment will result in penalties or permanent revocation of borrowing privileges, as determined by Equipment Center Managers. If a student believes there may be an issue with their equipment upon its return, they can schedule an appointment with Equipment Center staff to review the equipment together.

Upon its return, no equipment may be signed out again immediately and consecutive periods may not be reserved. If you are not finished with your shoot and will need to continue to use the equipment to finish your classwork, you may be able to extend your original reservation, pending equipment availability and authorization. All reservation extensions require at least thirty-minute notice and must be arranged with a manager in person or over the phone. Please be aware that certain advanced equipment may have special sign-out periods and/or restrictions.

Additional equipment use policies:

  • Never leave equipment in an unattended automobile
  • Do not expose equipment to prolonged periods of intense cold
  • Keep gear away from water, sand, and intense heat

III. Using Media Production Suites

Process for checking out media production suite:

  • Media production suites – room 0530B, 0530C, and 0530D – may be checked out on a first come, first served basis. Suites may be checked out at the Equipment Center desk or in room 0530/0526. See staff member or visit link on equipment center hours page to reserve online.
  • Students may reserve suites for up to 3 hours, and must finish their work 15 minutes prior to the end of their reservation.
  • No food or drink allowed, and suites must be left in good working order: No trash or papers; do not unplug any equipment or change configurations.

IV. Penalties

Because of the limited amount of equipment and space within the Equipment Center, an equitable rotation among the students must be maintained. Therefore, proper use and timely return of the equipment is essential. Penalties will be enforced on the following:

  • Late return of equipment
  • Broken equipment
  • Improper, careless handling or repacking of equipment
    • This includes shooting in foul weather or in sandy environments

Penalties may include suspension or loss of all borrowing privileges for the rest of the semester (permanently, in the severest cases).

 Questions? Email: [email protected]