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Program Changes

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Course Changes

The department has made significant course and program updates for AY 2024-2025. Please note the following changes:

Course Changes
New Code New Name Old Code Old Name Cr.
COMM 1005 Careers and Academic Success for Comm Media COMM 1005 Careers in Comm Media 3 (was 1 cr.)
COMM 2020 The Art of Public Speaking: Romancing the Room COMM 1100 Public Speaking 3
FILM 1020 Film and Media Production COMM 1000 Foundations in Video and Audio Production 3
FILM 1203 History of Film I FILM 2203 History of Film I 3
FILM 1204 History of Film II FILM 2204 History of Film II 3
FILM 2100 Television Production COMM 2100 Studio Production 3
FILM 2200 Documentary Production COMM 2200 Documentary Production 3
FILM 2300 Intermediate Editing COMM 2300 Film and Media Editing 3
FILM 2350 Animation and Motion Graphics COMM 2350 Motion Graphics for Media Communication 3
FILM 2400 Film and Media Distribution COMM 2400 Production and Distribution Fundamentals 3
JOUR 1050 Introduction to Mass Media COMM 1050 Mass Media Foundations 3
JOUR 1150 Discovering Journalism COMM 1150 Fundamentals of American Journalism 3
JOUR 2000 News Writing COMM 2000 Media Writing 3
JOUR 2050 History of American Journalism COMM 2050 Media and Broadcast History 3
JOUR 2221 Digital Reporting COMM 2221 Multimedia Reporting 3

The Communication and Media program prepares students to communicate effectively and ethically across a variety of contexts and platforms. Through practical, hands-on training, students learn to create and present evidence-based research, produce professional quality media and content, and understand mass media’s role in global communication.