2019 Baseball Team

First Row L-R: Justin Brown, Jacob Frost, Kyle McCann, Nick D'Ambra, Coach Kevin Rix, Assistant Coach Ray Tessaglia, Zack Odsen, Asa Nyblom, Joey Barter & Ray Aponte.

Second Row L-R: Adrian Duran, Paul Sorel, Anthony Ramos, John DeRouin, Brett Traficante, Riley Beard, Peter Cohen, Marshall Quinley, Dariel Ramos & Team Manager Jared Batista.

Third Row L-R: Kyle McCann, Christopher Casalino, James Pederson, Christian Woods, Ben Sears, Kendrick Telemaco, Stewart Kay & David Meech.

  • Anthony Ramos
  • Jacob Frost
  • John DeRouin
  • Paul Sorel
  • Nick D'Ambra
  • Zach D'Andrea
  • Ray Aponte
  • Brett Traficante
  • Adrian Duran
  • Dariel Ramos
  • Riley Beard
  • Ben Sears
  • Kyle McCann
  • Asa Nyblom
  • Kendrick Telemaco
  • Cristian Woods
  • CJ Casalino
  • David Meech
  • Joey Barter
  • Peter Cohen
  • Stewart Kay
  • Zack Odsen
  • James Pederson
  • Justin Brown
  • Marshall Quinley
  • Alejandro Martinez

Baseball Roster 2019
  • Head Coach - Kevin Rix
  • Assistant Coach - Ray Tessaglia
  • Assistant Coach - Joe Hopkins
  • Team Administrator - Steve Rooney
  • Athletic Director - Kevin Salisbury
  • Head Athletic Trainer - Steve Rooney

Contact Information

Kevin Rix 
Head Coach

Ray Tessaglia 
Assistant Coach 

Joe Hopkins
Assistant Coach

Kevin Salisbury
Interim Director of Athletics

Steve Rooney
Team Administrator 

Steve Rooney 
Head Athletic Trainer 

Main Office:
Flanagan Campus 
Field House 
Fax: 401-825-1062

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