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Application Process

An official Community College of Rhode Island transcript showing at least 2.5 QPA and at least 24 college credit (student will provide this).

Three confidential reference forms. Two must be from CCRI faculty members, the third may be from an employer, a faculty member from another college, or your high school.

A statement from your physician, certifying that your health will permit studying abroad. (This appointment should be made when you begin your application process; many physicians require several weeks to schedule physicals and submit the reports.)

A brief essay (one or two pages) explaining how studying abroad will fit into your educational plan, why you want to do this, and what you believe you can contribute to the program.

All forms for the application process will be provided by Professor Deborah Notarianni-Girard and must be returned to her no later than 30 days before the CCIS sponsoring institution’s deadline as shown in the information book.

The American sponsoring institution will notify the student when they accept your application to study abroad. Final acceptance is determined by the American sponsoring college.

The following documents will be provided by Professor Deborah Notarianni-Girard once you have been recommended to study abroad and must be completed and returned to Professor Deborah Notarianni-Girard before leaving the USA:

  • Release and Indemnity Agreement
  • Pledge of Acceptance
  • Program Member Release
  • Insurance Coverage Form guaranteeing international coverage

Course approval form if you are using these credits as part of your CCRI degree requirements. Please be sure to schedule an appointment with Professor Deborah Notarianni-Girardbefore selecting the courses to assure CCRI acceptance of the courses taken overseas.

Online Resources

A Step-By-Step Guideline to the CCIS Application Process and link to download the CCIS Study Application Form

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