Service-Members Opportunity College

CCRI recognizes the unique problems faced by military students whose jobs require frequent moves.

CCRI as a SOC member school makes it easier to obtain a college degree rather than just accumulate course credit by:

  • Limiting the amount of course work students must take to no more than 25% of degree requirements
  • Designing transfer practices to minimize loss of credit and avoid duplication of course work
  • Awarding credit for military experience
  • Awarding credit for CLEP tests

CCRI, as a SOC member institution:

  • Guarantees to accept other institution’s courses in transfer within curriculum areas such as management, computer studies, interdisciplinary studies, and others
  • Awards credit for military service schools and occupational experience
  • Acts as a "home college" and issues a Student Agreement that serves as a degree plan to enrolled students. The Student Agreement acts as a contract-for-degree, so that courses, tests, and military experience that are part of the degree plan are transferred back to the home college

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Last Updated: 3/2/18