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Corporate Sponsored Learning

Companies spend a great deal of time and effort on corporate training. Many of these courses are taught by experts in the field, cover the material in depth, and are highly demanding. If you have taken such a course, your learning may be appropriate for college credit and should be assessed. As such, we at CCRI value the time and effort that corporations have put into the training of their employees.

There are three pathways for corporate and professional training: ACE Evaluated, Standardized Credit Awards, and Portfolio Assessments.

ACE Evaluated Training

The first are those corporate and professional training programs, like the ones listed below, that have had their corporate training evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE). Most all Federal government and Military training has been evaluated by ACE. All Joint Service Transcripts (JSTs) have ACE recommended credit awards.

  • Chili's, KFC, McDonalds, Starbucks Coffee Company
  • Home Depot, Walmart
  • Microsoft, Walt Disney
  • National Emergency Training Center (EMI & NFA)
  • Jack Welch Management Institute
  • SkillSoft Corporation

This corporate training is one of the easiest pathways to recognize and award credit, as ACE has determined two things. They have determined that the training is college-level learning and they recommend the number of credits to be awarded for the training.

To see if the company you work for has had their training evaluated by ACE, go to the ACE National Guide, click the letter associated with the first letter of the name of the company you work for. If it shows up, click the company name and see if you took any of the courses that were evaluated. If they are listed, click the "Request a Transcript" tab at the very top of the page and follow the instructions. Once we receive the transcript from ACE, we will review it and your program of study to see if credits can be awarded and for what courses the credit would be awarded.

Most all of these credit awards are transferable to many institutions across the United States. If you are planning to transfer to another institution, however, it is recommended that you review that institution's degree requirements and transfer of credit policies.

Standardized Credit Awards

If your professional or corporate training has not been evaluated by ACE, our faculty at CCRI have evaluated a number of localized training programs and have determined how many credits and for which courses the credit can be awarded.

You may have probably participated in formal or on-the-job training sponsored by your employer or perhaps a civic or professional organization. Perhaps you are a licensed or certified professional (real estate broker, police officer, insurance appraiser, or maybe you have participated in an apprenticeship program through the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - IBEW). If this is the case, you may be eligible for college credit based upon our evaluation of the training.

Review the list of Standardized Credit Awards to see if your training has already been evaluated by the faculty of CCRI.

What if the corporate or professional training I have taken has not been evaluated by ACE or the faculty of CCRI? You may look into Portfolio Assessments.

Portfolio Assessments

You may complete an application to see if that training can be awarded credit through a Prior Learning Assessment of a Portfolio. Click the link to check and see if you might have an opportunity through this accelerated pathway.