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Departmental Challenge Exams

Challenge exams are generally offered only when a College Level Examination Program (CLEP) test does not exist and when the specific skills are best assessed using a test format. Students are encouraged to contact the Department Chair to determine if a Challenge Exam is available and/or appropriate.

What is a Challenge Exam?

A Challenge exam usually mimics a final examination administered in any credited course offered by CCRI. It may contain true/false, multiple choice, short answer or essay questions either in written or oral form. In those courses where traditional testing is not appropriate, students may be asked to make presentations, submit samples of work, or perform before the faculty assessor.

What courses can I challenge?

Not all departments offer Challenge Examinations. The Allied Health, Engineering & Technology, Fine Arts, Human Services and Office Administration Programs have offered Challenge Examinations for specific courses in the past. Students are encouraged to contact the respective department for availability of challenge exams.

What if I want to challenge a course that is not listed?

Students wishing to learn more about a particular departmental challenge exam should contact the Department Chairperson of the Academic Department in which the subject of the exam is offered. You may be asked to interview with a faculty assessor prior to approval to determine the appropriateness of the exam.

When are Challenge Exams Offered?

Faculty will usually offer challenge exams in group settings during fixed time periods throughout the semester. Check with the respective department for more information.

What if I fail the exam?

Students must pay all fees associated with the Challenge Exam prior to taking the test. Fees will not be refunded. If unsuccessful you have several options to consider. You may wish to enroll in the course, study the material more thoroughly and take the exam once again, or prepare an application for Prior Learning Assessment of Portfolio.

How do I Begin?

Once you have spoken with the Department Chairperson and it has been determined that a Challenge Exam is appropriate, the Department Chair will provide you with further instructions. Specifically, he/she will

  • schedule the exam for you
  • help you fill out the necessary forms

You will be instructed to submit the form(s) with the appropriate fee prior to taking the exam. Upon successful completion of the examination the credits will be posted to your transcript.