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Leaves of Absence

CCRI provides leaves of absence without pay to eligible employees who wish to take time off from work duties for good cause, such as but not limited to personal illness, disability, serious illness of a family member, educational pursuits, or personal reasons.

As soon as eligible employees become aware of the need for a leave of absence, they should request a leave from their supervisor. Leaves may be granted for a six-month period. If this initial period of absence proves insufficient, consideration will be given to a written request for a single extension of no more than an additional six months. Benefit continuation during the leave of absence is dependent upon the reason for the leave. (Employees should refer to their collective bargaining agreement regarding benefits.)

Employees may take leave pursuant to the Federal Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and theRhode Island Parental & Medical Leave Act (RIPMLA). This leave may be either paid or unpaid or both. These laws provide employees with the opportunity to take up to 13 weeks leave per year in order to care for a sick family member or to tend to the employee's own serious medical condition. The paid portion of the qualifying FMLA or RIPMLA leave may consist of sick leave, vacation leave, personal leave, or a combination of all three.