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Governance Structure

Rhode Island Board of Education

The Community College of Rhode Island and the two other public institutions for higher education in Rhode Island (Rhode Island College and the University of Rhode Island) are governed by the Rhode Island Board of Education. The Rhode Island Board of Education was created by the Rhode Island General Assembly in 2014 and replaced the Board of Regents for Elementary and Secondary Education and the Board of Governors for Higher Education. This consolidated governance of all public education in Rhode Island is an innovative integration of policymaking and planning for elementary, secondary and higher public education in our state. The Board consists of 17 members. The chair, who is one of the 17 members, serves at the pleasure of the Governor.

Community College of Rhode Island

As indicated on the College's organizational chart, the administrative structure at the Community College of Rhode Island works primarily through six divisions, each under its own Vice President or Associate Vice President, with the exception of two departments (Institutional Equity and Small Business Initiative) which report directly to the President.

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