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Jody S. Robinson

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Office Hours

Day Hours
Mondays 12-2 pm
Tuesdays email me to meet
Wednesdays 5-6 pm
Thursdays not available
Fridays 12-1 pm
Saturdays email me to meet
Email me anytime, [email protected]



Course Title/Description Course Number CRN # Campus/Room#
  Fall 2016      
Intro to Engineering ENGR-1020 varies Warwick 0076
AutoCAD Basics ENGT-1060 34372 Warwick 0074
Engineering Graphics ENGT-1030 35232 Warwick 0074
Engineering Mechanics-Statics ENGR-2050 35988 Warwick 0074
Mechanics of Materials ENGR-2540 36422 Warwick 0076
  Summer 2016      
Engineering Graphics ENGR-1030   Warwick 0074
AutoCAD Basics ENGT-1060   Warwick 0076
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