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CITLA News & Events (updated October 18, 2016)

 The first two years of data from Community College of Rhode Island’s participation in MSC: A Multi-State Collaborative to Advance Learning Outcomes Assessment indicate that our students need to improve the way they locate and integrate sources and evidence to make their writing stronger.

 To kick off a yearlong campaign focusing on helping our students develop these skills, CCRI will host

  “Sources and evidence: Improving our students’ writing”

1 to 3 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 28   Room 4080, Knight Campus, Warwick

 Bonnie Orcutt, Ph.D., will discuss assignment design, making assignments and directions clear and transparent, ways to incorporate sources and evidence into assignment requirements and embedding writing across all disciplines, among other topics.

Orcutt has been teaching economics at Worcester State University for 14 years and served as director of learning outcomes assessment at the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education for the past three years. She has been involved in the MSC project with the state of Massachusetts since the project’s inception. 

Also, please also see this article on the MSC from 10/17/16 from the Chronicle of Higher Education, "The Next Great Hope for Measuring Learning"

For more information, please contact Ruth Sullivan or Jeanne Mullaney



Join Heather Townsend (Biology) to discuss "Teaching with Your Mouth Shut" by Donald L. Finkel.

November 16 on the Lincoln campus in room 1145 from 10-11 a.m.

November 30 on the Providence campus in room 1134 from 10-11 a.m.


Specifications Grading Workshop

Tuesday, November 15, 2016, 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. Liston Campus Room 1324

Wednesday, November 16, 2016, 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. Lincoln Campus Room 2144


Specifications grading is an alternative approach to grading that is supposed to maintain academic rigor, motivate students, and save faculty time by specifying clear targets for pass/fail grading of assignments and other assessments. But how would it work at a place like CCRI? Have you considered trying it or have you already done so? Join us for a brief introduction to specifications grading and a discussion about the pros and cons of the system and its variations. Join Shawn Parker (Art Department) for a brief introduction to specifications grading and a discussion about the pros and cons of the system and its variations.

Suggested reading:

Mittell, Jason. “Rethinking Grading: An In-Progress Experiment.” Just TV. 16 February, 2016. Web. Accessed 16 September, 2016.

Nilson, Linda B. “Yes, Virginia, There's a Better Way to Grade.” Inside Higher Ed. 19 January, 2016. Web. Accessed 16 September, 2016.

CITLA Brown Bag Workshop on Exam Wrappers

Friday, October 21, 2016; 12:30 - 1:30; Warwick Room 3076

Tuesday, October 25, 2016: 12:30 - 1:30; Lincoln Room 2144


Exam wrappers are short assignments that prompt students to reflect on their exam preparation and performance. They ask students to think about why they got questions wrong, how they studied, and how they will change what they do for the next exam. Exam wrappers can be assigned as homework, completed as part of an in-class activity, or even added as questions on the exam itself. They promote students’ metacognitive skills and help them take ownership of their learning. Karen Kortz (Physics Department) and Renee Saris-Baglama (Psychology Department) will lead the discussions.

NEW Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

Faculty Learning Community Forming

Do you have questions about your teaching and student learning that you’d like to turn into research questions and hypotheses that can be answered empirically?

Would you like to work with a group of like-minded faculty who are also researching meaningful questions about their teaching and their students’ learning?

Members of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning faculty learning community will meet over the course of the spring 2016 semester, read articles on SoTL, attend at least 2 meetings, and participate in a workshop given by Dr. Michele DiPietro called “Moving your SoTL Project Forward”. The workshop will take place on Tuesday, June 7, 2016 from 8:30-4:00 on the URI Alton Jones Campus. In addition to participating in the meetings listed, faculty members will design a SoTL project, carry out the research, and publish the findings in a journal and/or present them at a conference.

To join this Faculty Learning Community, please click here and print the application. Please forward the completed application to Michele Quaedvlieg, Knight Campus Library by March 7, 2016. If you have any questions please contact Jeanne Mullaney at 825-2478.

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