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About the Chemistry Department

The Chemistry Department serves many needs within the CCRI Community.

First, it provides the course requirements for the Chemistry segment of Science Tracks A and B. For a description of all these requirements see the College Catalog, either online (PDF*) or in print.

Second, the department offers a 2 year degree program in Chemical Technology. CCRI's Chemical Technology Program was the first such program in the country to receive approval from the American Chemical Society, giving our graduates national recognition. The program is career oriented to train chemical laboratory technicians. Upon graduation, we help students find employment, for which we historically have had great success. Parts or all of the credits are transferable to chemistry degrees at most 4-year colleges and universities. Thus many of our graduates continue with their education and not necessarily in chemistry. For more information about the program feel free to call Professor Wayne Suits at 401-825-2310 or Professor Don Jurkowitz at 401-825-2010. For program requirements see the College Catalog, either in print or at ChemTech (PDF*).

uhiujhiojiojThird, the Chemistry Department provides courses to meet the science or chemistry requirements of many other programs in the college. For a description of these requirements go to the College Catalog, either online or in print. Be sure to look at the requirements for the particular program you are interested in studying.

For a description of any Chemistry Department course go to Courses and Sections.

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Chemistry courses require placement exam as a prerequisite.
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