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Anonymous Crime Reporting Form

For compliance with the Campus Security Act 34 CFR Part 668

This form is to be completed whenever any faculty or staff person with significant responsibility for students activities becomes aware of a crime that has taken place. The awareness can come from a direct report, a student, staff member or a third party. Even if the person making the report tells you that the crime has been reported to a police department, it is important that this form be completed and filed with the Community College of Rhode Island Campus Police department. It is not necessary that you provide answers to every question. The information provided will be used to eliminate duplicate reports.

Please note: The Clery Act only requires us to provide information on the following crimes or attempts to a crime. In addition, arrests for certain other crimes are tabulated, but these statistics are provided by the arresting agency.
A hate crime is defined as any of the above crimes or any other crime involving injury to any person where the victim was intentionally selected because of his/her actual or perceived race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or disability.
If the victim wishes not to identify the perpetrator at the time of the report, addresses should be provided in general terms. For example, the 300 block of 5th Ave. or near the corner of Wood and Forbes.