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Parking Policy

Campus Police parking policy

These regulations have been established for the control of parking on the campuses of the Community College of Rhode Island. These regulations apply to students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the campus.

1. General Provisions

  • Parking on campus throughout the year, including break periods, is by permit only in designated areas between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • All vehicles operated and parked on College property by students, faculty, and staff must be registered with the Rhode Island Registry of Motor Vehicles.
  • Faculty and Staff must affix Parking Permits to the lower right of the vehicle’s rear window and must be clearly visible from the rear of the vehicle.
  • The registration of a vehicle on campus does not guarantee a parking place, but affords the registrant an opportunity to park in authorized parking areas when parking space is available. In order to take advantage of campus parking, students, faculty and staff agree to park in appropriate, designated areas.
  • The Campus Police are responsible for the administration and enforcement of these regulations and may impose traffic control restrictions as required.
  • Conference parking, special events parking, and all temporary parking requirements of the College are to be scheduled in writing and approved through Campus Police by the College sponsor or host.
  • All vehicles must display current motor vehicle registration.
  • Infractions of these parking regulations are the responsibility of the owner who registered the vehicle.
  • Faculty and Staff with a registered vehicle, who need to operate a different vehicle temporarily, must secure a temporary permit at no charge from the Campus Police.
  • Replacement of lost Faculty/Staff ID cards for the Faculty/Staff parking area at the Warwick Campus will cost $25.
  • The College is not responsible for losses due to theft or damage to vehicles while on College-owned property.

2. Parking Permits and Allocation of Parking Lots

  • Faculty/staff parking permits allow for parking in the designated Faculty/Staff parking lot. All Faculty and Staff will be issued an access card for the Faculty/Staff Parking Lot Control Gates at the Knight Campus.
  • Administrative Parking –  Administrators will be required to display appropriate vehicle identification/Administrator Parking Pass.  Administrators, for the purpose of the parking policy, include positions such as Dean, Associate and Assistant Dean, Director, Assistant Director and other supervisory positions.  Administrators are required to display appropriate vehicle identification as required by the Campus Police Department.
  • Members of the Board of Governors will be issued identification, to be displayed on the vehicle dash, which will permit parking in all areas designated for Official Visitors or Visiting Administrators.
  • Official visitors who plan to be on the campus must obtain a temporary parking permit from the Campus Police, allowing visitors to park in designated areas.

Parking By Campus

Knight Campus*
    • Administrators will park in assigned spaces.
    • Visiting Administrators will park in the space designated "Administration" or as directed by the administration and/or Campus Police.
    • Faculty/Staff will park in the designated Faculty/Staff parking lot with Department Chairs/desinees parking in the assigned spaces within the same lot.
    • Students and Others will park in the large student lot.
    • One-hour (maximum) parking is provided for students needing to access the Student Services’ area (i.e. Bursar, Enrollment Services, Registration, etc.) in the short-term parking located at the north entrance of the building. No other students, faculty, and staff are not permitted to use this lot at any time. This lot, however, may be restricted by the Campus Police for officially sanctioned college events with proper notification and reservation with the Campus Police.
    • Visitors will park only in designated areas or the large student Lot
Flanagan Campus*
    • Administrators will park in the designated administrator parking lot.
    • Faculty/Staff will park in the designated faculty/staff parking areas.
    • Students will park in the designated student parking areas.
    • Visitors will park in the designated visitor spaces in the faculty/staff lot adjacent to the administrator parking area.
Liston Campus*
    • The Campus Director and Administrators will park in the designated areas at the rear of the facility.
    • Faculty/Staff spaces are located in a designated area on the campus.
    • Students and Visitors will park in the large designated student parking areas.

* Vehicles of outside vendors must park adjacent to the receiving area entrances.

3. Regulations and Violations

The following constitute parking violations:

  • Parking in fire lanes
  • Parking in handicapped, reserved, loading, or visitors’ spaces without a proper permit.
  • Parking in a lot without a proper and current permit
  • Parking on the grass unless authorized by Campus Police.
  • Parking in violation of a posted sign
  • Parking in violation of painted yellow curbing
  • Obstructing other vehicles or traffic
  • Taking more than one parking space or failure to park within lines and designated spaces

It is a violation to park a vehicle not registered with campus police, unless the individual is a student using Student Services or is a visitor to the campus and has a valid permit to park in a designated location. It is also a violation to fail to display a current parking permit properly (See Item 1a above). Campus Police Officers enforce all parking and traffic laws as well as all other laws as permitted in the General Laws of the State of Rhode Island and by the Postsecondary Council.

4. Tow and Parking Penalties

The following are penalties:

  • Parking in fire lanes: $40 plus towing at owner’s expense
  • Parking in handicapped spaces: Penalty for the first offense is $100, which doubles with each subsequent violation.
  • Misuse of Handicap Passes/Placards: $125
  • Parking reserved, loading, or the short-term lot: $40
  • Obstructing other vehicles or traffic: $40 plus towing at owner’s expense
  • Parking in a lot without proper permit: $40
  • Parking on the grass: $40
  • Parking in violation of a posted sign: $40
  • Taking more than one parking space: $40

Fines are payable within 10 calendar days of the offense. Payments should be made as instructed on the parking ticket. Students who fail to remit fines will be issued summons to appear before the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal. Failure by students, faculty, and staff to remit fines or the repeated violation of parking regulations may result in the loss of parking privileges. Failure to remit fines will result in the loss of the vehicle owners registration and suspension of driver’s license as mandated in the General Laws of the State of Rhode Island.

Unauthorized vehicles parked on campus, vehicles parked in fire lanes, vehicles illegally parked in handicapped, reserved, loading, short-term parking or visitors' spaces, vehicles that are immobilized, obstruct traffic, or impede the normal functions of the College are subject to towing at the owner's or operator's expense.

Students, faculty, and staff with two unpaid parking fines who incur a fine for a third parking violation are subject to revocation of their parking privileges, towing, or other penalty.

5. Appeals

Tickets for parking violations may be appealedd by appearing before the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal where the individual can plead their innocence.  Court dates and instructions are provided with the summons.

All questions regarding parking regulations should be addressed to the Campus Police Chief.