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ACUE Effective Online Teaching Practices

The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs is pleased to announce a partnership with the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE). In coordination with, ACUE will offer the Effective Online Teaching Practices course to CCRI faculty as part of faculty professional development.

This is the third and last ACUE cohort scheduled for January 12, 2021 through December 2021. Don't miss this amazing opportunity, reserve your spot now!

*Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ACUE III will focus on online teaching practices to facilitate hands-on experiential learning. ACUE has added in-classroom resources to each learning module so participants may learn how the practice works both online and in the classroom.

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About the Effective Online Teaching Practice Course

The Course prepares you to implement essential online practices shown to improve student outcomes by showcasing exemplary online teaching nationwide, featuring interviews with leading experts in college instruction. Each module introduces a specific topic and evidence-based technique to try out immediately and ends with a reflection on that technique. There are 25 online modules from the following four themes.

  • Creating an Inclusive and Supportive Online Learning Environment
  • Promoting Active Learning Online
  • Designing Student-Centered Courses
  • Inspiring Inquiry and Preparing Lifelong Learning in Your Online Course

The Course is the first course designed for higher education faculty that leads to a nationally-recognized Certificate in Effective College Instruction endorsed by the American Council on Education (ACE). A recent study from Johns Hopkins University speaks to the impact of this program at Miami-Dade College where student evaluations were higher and faculty confidence and effectiveness were increased.

Virtual ACUE Kickoff Meeting: January 12, 2021 @ 10 am - 11:30 am

CCRI Full-time faculty are eligible to participate in ACUE.


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About ACUE

ACUE LogoThe Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) believes that all college students deserve an extraordinary education and that faculty members play a critical role in their success. In partnership with institutions of higher education nationwide, ACUE supports and credentials faculty members in the use of evidence-based teaching practices that drive student engagement, retention, and learning. Faculty members who complete ACUE’s Course in Effective Teaching Practices earn a Certificate in Effective College Instruction endorsed by the American Council on Education. ACUE’s Community of Professional Practice connects college educators from across the country through member forums, podcasts, and updates on the latest developments in the scholarship of teaching and learning. To learn more, visit