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Access Student Success Stories

Headshot of Silifat IliasuSilifat Iliasu came to the United States from Nigeria. Her determination, hard work and motivation to adjust to American culture enabled her to complete her GED and earn an associate's degree within three years. While attending CCRI, Silifat became a certified peer tutor, participated in more than five different college clubs, attended many different CCRI activities, and earned a GPA of 3.62. Silifat transferred to Bryant University and majors in accounting

Headshot of Stacy CuhnaStacy Cuhna entered the Access program early in her studies. She graduated from CCRI with a General Studies degree. Interested in philosophy and ethics, Stacy took religion classes at Providence College parallel to her classes at the Community College. She went on to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Education at Rhode Island College.

Maria DaGracaMaria DaGraca joined the Access program as soon as she got to CCRI. As the first person in her family to attend college, she gives the Access a lot of credit for helping her succeed. She says, "Every time I felt overwhelmed I went to my Access counselor". Maria graduated with a degree in nursing and is currently working full-time as a register nurse.

Headshot of Sovann KhivSovann Khiv was born in Thailand and grew up in a rough section of Providence. The only one of his friends to attend college, Sovann persevered through many personal and financial difficulties to earn his CCRI degree. He received a Ferland Scholarship, a unique award for students from the inner city. Sovann contributed greatly to the Access program by volunteering as a guest speaker and positive role model to his peers. He graduated with an Associate's Degree in Dental Hygiene.