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Kevin D. Fontaine

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Educational Psychology

University of Connecticut – Storrs, CT

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Kevin David Fontaine is a practiced expert on threat assessment and targeted violence. Dr. Fontaine is an accomplished presenter and instructor on threat assessment investigations. He regularly conducts threat assessments to explore: questions of prospective school shootings, planned attacks, detection of deception, insider hazards, stalking, and other types of targeted violence observed in public/private/parochial educational settings. 

Areas of Interest

As a teacher of psychology, Dr. Fontaine's primary objectives are: 1) to communicate fundamental psychological knowledge to students creatively and effectively, 2) to create an environment in which students’ inquiring minds and critical thinking skills evaluate the merit of lay and scientific arguments about human nature, 3) to foster students’ understanding of and appreciation for psychological research as consumers, participants, and junior investigators, and 4) to facilitate students’ ownership of their education by expecting excellence, encouraging individual consultation, and mentoring students who desire deeper engagement in scholarship and research.