Meet Our DJs

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Lydia Clarkin

Hey I'm Lydia Clarkin! I'm a Communications student here at CCRI. My favorite genre is Alternative Rock, and in my free time I can be found making videos or riding my BMX bike.

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David Stachurski

Hello, I'm David Stachurski! I'm a General Studies major here at CCRI, but I'm also taking Communications courses to attain the New Media Communication Certificate. I love a wide variety of music, but my two top genres are Alternative and Hip-Hop. In my spare time I shoot and edit videos, write scripts, play video games, and watch movies. I'm almost always listening to music, too!

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Stefano Petrafesa

My name is Stefano Petrafesa! I am a film student at CCRI from Stamford, CT. My favorite genres are Hip-Hop and Rap. In my free time I enjoy creating and editing videos, as well as relaxing with family and friends.

Lourdez Picture

Lourdez Caballeros

What’s up? I’m Lourdez Caballeros. I’m a Communications major here at CCRI! You can catch me reading your horoscope, or jammin’ to R&B and hits from the 90s & 2000s. I’m a video editor, videographer, and aspiring radio host & TV producer.  See ya’ll on the flip side!

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Alondo Osborne

My name is Alondo Osborne! I'm a General Studies major at CCRI. I come from a long line of musicians - so you can always count on me to play a good song.

Lourdez Picture

Joel Charles

Hey! My name is Joel (aka DJ Solenya). I'm a General Studies major experimenting with Arts and Communications courses. I love all kinds of music, but my favorite genre has to be Indie/Chill music. In my spare time I love to takes photos and shoot videos, as well as skateboard!

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