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Orientation Sessions for Students and Faculty

Date & Time Campus Location
TBA Flanagan (Lincoln) Faculty Dining Room, Rear, Room 3204
TBA Knight (Warwick) Room 3082/3083

Honors Project Guidelines

Each Honors project…

  • must be a significant academic undertaking (on the part of both the student and participating faculty member)
  • must comprise over 20 hours of work
  • is a supplementary project within a course that goes beyond the course requirements, relating the project to the curricula covered in the course
  • should be worked on throughout the semester
  • is a joint effort between professor and student
  • allows students to acquire new knowledge and skills
  • enables students and faculty to work together as "colleagues in learning" - a cooperative spirit that reawakens the fundamental purpose of the academy
  • assists students to become an integral part of a stimulating academic interchange

The specific requirements for each project are open so the projects can be creative displays of academic rigor. Examples of project formats include but are not restricted to research papers, PowerPoint presentations, poster presentations, displays of artwork, assorted short assignments, teaching lesson plans, computer programs, lab experiments and write-ups, evaluation of survey results, etc.

Revised Application Form and Procedure

The application form has been updated, and now includes the addition of the signature of the department chairperson and the Honors project guidelines. In addition to your signature and your faculty advisor's signature, the department chairperson's signature is now also required. The department chairperson is the chair of the department in which your faculty advisor is located. Please allow approximately one week for the department chairperson to sign your application form. Please plan accordingly!

Eligibility Notification and Requirements

Students who are eligible for the Honors Program will receive an e-mail to their CCRI account this semester. To be eligible you need to have completed 12 semester hours and have a 3.25 GPA or greater. Students who do not meet these requirements, however, can apply to do an Honors project with the recommendation of a faculty member. If you are interested in the Honors Program and have not previously participated, please come to one of the orientation sessions. Also, browse this website for more information. If you have any questions, please contact the Honors Program Coordinators.

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New Information About Honors Courses

In the next couple years, specifically-designated Honors courses will be offered to students eligible for the Honors Program. These courses will go above and beyond typical coursework required for other classes at CCRI. The option for turning any course you're taking into an Honors course by doing an Honors project is still available.

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Last Updated: 3/20/14