1996 Hall of Fame inductee - Daniel J. Garvey

Daniel J. Garvey

“As a native of Rhode Island, I have always maintained that the establishment of the community college has been the greatest single public event in my lifetime. It enables individuals of very moderate financial means to move successfully toward the acquisition of an undergraduate degree, and at the same time affords others the opportunity to acquire skills in their chosen occupations. It is a concept endorsed by President Bill Clinton, who believes an associate degree should be the minimum goal of all young people. I can truthfully say that the happiest, most rewarding phase in my more than 45 years of teaching (more than 27,000 class hours), has been at the Community College of Rhode Island. One can only speculate how much more knowledge was imparted and hopefully received.”

Daniel J. Garvey joined the CCRI faculty (then RIJC) as assistant professor in 1965. He was largely responsible for building the Business Department and served as its chair from 1969 to 1984 when he retired from the college. His son, Joseph, succeeded him as chair of the department.

Prior to coming to CCRI, Garvey taught at Central Falls High School from 1939 to 1965. He was admitted to the Rhode Island Bar Association in 1957 and lectured on law-related topics at Providence College, Rhode Island College and the American Institute of Banking. He has served as a member of the Personnel Board in Central Falls and as legal counsel to the school committee in the town of Lincoln, R.I.

Garvey received a bachelor’s degree from Providence College, a master’s degree from Rhode Island College and a J.D. from Boston College Law School.

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