- Vesalius, cadaver dissection

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TEXTS: Human Anatomy, 5th ed., 2016 Saladin Custom Ed. ISBN: 9781308798851

Human Anatomy Lab Manual, revised Aug 2017, Montgomery



This course presents basic concepts of anatomy at the microscopic and gross level. The morphology and location of anatomic structures is analyzed to understand how the structure relates to function. Laboratory work includes examination of microscopic sections, mammalian dissections, and modeling.


At the end of the semester, you are expected to be able to:

  • understand and use common anatomical terminology
  • identify anatomical structures using illustrations, relative position in the body, morphology, and laboratory specimens
  • describe the relationships between anatomical structures and their functions at the tissue, organ, and system levels
  • use a variety of learning techniques and demonstrate good study skills
  • follow detailed written instructions for lab identifications and exercises
  • work as part of a team in the laboratory
  • demonstrate critical thinking with some applications to clinical situations, disease processes and current news reports

I hope, as we move through this course together, that you will be awed by the magnificent design of your body.


  • Attendance is mandatory at all lectures and laboratories.
  • Cell phones must be turned off during lecture and lab., lecture may not be videotaped
  • Before coming to lecture, you are expected to know which topics will be covered.
  • Before coming to lab, you are expected to know which structures will be examined.
  • Make-up quizzes are never given, but the lowest quiz grade will be dropped
  • You are responsible for all material that is presented, lecture and lab, regardless of absence.
  • Make-up tests for lecture will be given only if you provide a legitimate excuse.
  • Make-up tests must be taken before the next scheduled test.
  • No make-ups for practical exams are possible, regardless of the reason for the absence.
  • Final exams will not be given prior to the scheduled examination.
  • If you have a documented disability and need accommodations, contact the Office of Disability Services for Students and come to see me duringthe first week of class.
  • Any student involved in cheating or plagiarism will be reported to the Dean of Students and may be suspended or expelled from CCRI.

You are responsible for following the policies set forth in the Student Handbook and the college catalog

Lecture Lab
Tests (3) - 30% ( .30 x the average of all three tests = __ pts) Practicals (3) - 30% (.30 x the average of all three tests = __ pts)
Quizzes - 10% (.10 x the average of all quizzes = __ pts) Quizzes - 10% (.10 x the average of all quizzes = __ pts)
Final Exam - 20% ( .20 x final exam grade = __ pts  -
Total Lecture percentage = 60% Total lab percentage = 40% 

You must have a passing average in lab to pass the course!

Total your points to see what you have earned.

Points GradeGGrade 
94-100 A
90-93  A- 
87-89  B+ 
80-83  B- 
77-79 C+
70-76 C
67-69 D+
60-66 D
59 or below F

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