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Travel and Tourism Concentration (TRVL)

Certificate in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

Knight Campus, Warwick only

studentTourism is currently Rhode Island’s second-largest and fastest-growing industry. CCRI’S Travel, Tourism and Hospitality certificate provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary for successful careers in this growing industry. Graduates are prepared for entry-level positions with hotel and lodging, food service, airlines, airport operations, car rentals, conventions and meetings, tourism and attractions, casinos, and cruise lines. Students will perform a variety of tasks and complete projects to help them develop the skills required to work in the industry. Students will also have to opportunity to tour various establishments within the industry such as hotels, convention centers, and casinos.

Transfer: TRVL and HOSP courses transfer to Johnson & Wales University.

Students who complete the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality certificate have two options:
• Enter the travel and tourism industry with marketable skills and training; or
• Continue their education in the CCRI General Studies associate degree program. The General Studies degree program requires 60 credits for completion, 28 of which are elective credits. The Travel, Tourism and Hospitality certificate requires 30 credits and can be used to meet the 28 elective credits for the General Studies degree.
Note: Students may complete the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality certificate program first and then apply all credits toward a General Studies degree or work concurrently in the two programs. Many courses require prerequisites, corequisites, and/or testing. See the course descriptions in the

See course descriptions for details.

  • First semester: COMI 1100; TRVL 1015; TRVL 1020; TRVL 1025; TRVL 1045
  • Second semester: TRVL 1100; TRVL 1035; TRVL 2030; TRVL 2580 AND TRVL 1125, 1135 or 1145
Certificate Core Requirements
TRVL 1015 Introduction to Travel, Tourism and Hospitality   3
TRVL 1020 Destination Geography   3
TRVL 2030 Conference and Convention Planning   3
COMI 1100 Introduction to Computers   3
TRVL 1025 Principles of Food and Beverage Management   3
TRVL 1035 Travel Sales and Tour Planning   3
TRVL 1045 Lodging Management and Guest Service   3
TRVL 1100 Hospitality and Travel Technology   3
TRVL 2580 Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Workplace Experience   3

Total Certificate Core Requirements Credits 27

Certificate Elective Requirement
TRVL 1125 OR
TRVL 1135 OR
TRVL 1145
Sport Management OR
Events Management OR
Casino Management
 Choose ONE additional required course to the left.  3

Total Certificate Elective Requirement Credits 3

Total Program Credits: 30

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