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Early Childhood Education Concentration

Certificate in Human Services (AA_HMNS)

The certificate in Early Childhood Education is for the working student who wishes to improve or upgrade his/her knowledge and skills in early childhood development and childcare. Courses are offered days and evenings and all courses directly apply toward the department’s A.A. degree. The Early Childhood Certificate is not a teaching credential for the R.I. Department of Education.

Note: All courses must be completed with a C or better. Many courses require prerequisites, corequisites and/or testing. See course descriptions for details.

  • First semester: HMNS 1010, 1080, 2100, 2150
  • Second semester: HMNS 1210, 2120, 2070, and one of the following three courses must be taken: HMNS 2030, 2140 OR 2190
Certificate Requirements
HMNS 1010 Introduction to Helping and Human Services   3
HMNS 1080 Health, Nutrition and the Young Child   3
HMNS 1210 Field Experience and Seminar I -Child Development   3
HMNS 2070 Characteristics and Needs of Special Populations   3
HMNS 2100 Child Growth and Development Skills   3
HMNS 2120 Curriculum for Young Children   3
HMNS 2150 Parent and Child Relations   3
HMNS Elective   Choose one of the following three-credit courses: HMNS 2030, 2140 OR 2190 3

Total Certificate Requirements Credits 24


Most students in this certificate program attend part-time and take two courses each semester. Therefore, the average time to complete the Early Childhood Education certificate as a part-time student could be four semesters. Students who choose to attend full time could complete this certificate program in as few as two semesters (12 months). For more information about the number of CCRI graduates in this program and other important gainful employment information, please visit www.ccri.edu/acadaffairs/gainful-employment/ahss/hmns/early-child-ed-cert.html.

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