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Financial Services Concentration (FNSC)

Certificate in Business Administration (CERT_BUSN)

This concentration in Financial Services is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in the financial services industry, which includes banking, insurance and investments. Also, individuals who are already working in the industry and seeking promotion to a higher position can benefit from earning this certificate. Courses in accounting, personal income taxes, personal finance, money and banking and investments will provide a strong foundation. A course in sales will enable the student to acquire tools to sell the types of products offered by companies in the industry.

Note: All credits earned in this certificate program can be applied toward the associate degree program in Business with a concentration in Financial Services (except ACCT 1500) or General Business. Many courses require prerequisites, corequisites and/or testing. See course descriptions for details.

  • First semester: ACCT 1010; BUSN 1010
  • Second semester: ACCT 1020; BUSN 2063
  • Third semester: BUSN 1040, 2050, 2110
  • Fourth semester: ACCT 1500; BUSN 2120
Certificate Requirements
ACCT 1010 Financial Accounting   4
ACCT 1020 Managerial Accounting   4
ACCT 1500 Personal Income Taxes   3
BUSN 1010 Introduction to Business   3
BUSN 1040 Personal Finance   3
BUSN 2063  Sales   3
BUSN 2050 Principles of Management   3
BUSN 2110 Money and Banking   3
BUSN 2120 Investments   3

Total Certificate Requirements Credits 29


Most students in this certificate program attend part time and take two courses each semester. Therefore, the average time to complete the Financial Services certificate as a part-time student could be five semesters (or 30 months). Students who choose to attend full time could complete this certificate program in as few as two semesters (or 12 months). For more information about the number of CCRI graduates in this program and other important gainful employment information, please visit

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