Division of Workforce Partnerships

StudentThe Division of Workforce Partnerships, formerly the Center for Workforce and Community Education (CWCE), builds strategic partnerships with industry leaders and works collaboratively to deliver programming for students to secure employment now and continue their education and growth into high-wage careers. Workforce programs include Workforce Partnerships, Adult Education, and Transportation Education.

Workforce Partnerships provides academic courses and customized training courses for employers throughout the state. Students can take pre-employment classes in healthcare, manufacturing, technology, Microsoft Office, trades, apprenticeship training, and more. Many programs are designed in response to the needs of the RI community to educate, train, and certify individuals for success in the 21st century economy. To speak with staff, please call 401-333-7070.

Adult Education provides adult learners opportunities to gain foundation skills through GED preparation and testing and English as a second language (ESL) courses. There are multiple levels of both GED and ESL classes to meet a range of educational needs. Staff also helps students transition from ESL and GED classes to credit-bearing or certification courses. To speak with staff, please call 401-455-6144.

Transportation Education provides Driver’s Education, Motorcycle Rider Education, CDL, driver retraining programs, and school bus driver training to participants. To speak with staff, please call 401-825-1214.

The Division of Workforce Partnerships addresses the educational and workforce development needs of both students and employers. Grant-funded programs enable qualified participants to receive skill training, develop foundational academic skills, or gain workforce training. Courses are taught on each campus, online, or at worksites throughout RI.

For more information, please visit The Division of Workforce Partnerships website.

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