Dental Assisting Course Descriptions

DAST ( Dental Assisting )

DAST 1010 - Oral Biology I (2 Credits)

This is an introductory course in head and neck anatomy and physiology for the dental assistant. Particular attention is devoted to the oral cavity. Topics include the terminology and function of the teeth, occlusion, skull, nerve innervation and blood flow. (Prerequisite: Enrollment in Dental Assisting Program) Lecture: 2 hours

DAST 1020 - Preventive Dentistry (2 Credits)

This course offers students an introduction to the prevention and management of oral diseases. (Prerequisite: Enrollment in Dental Assisting Program) Lecture: 2 hours

DAST 1030 - Chairside Dental Assisting I (4 Credits)

This course introduces students to procedures and practices involved in assisting the dentist. Content includes the preparation, use and care of dental instruments and equipment; patient management; basic microbiology and infection control procedures. (Prerequisite: Enrollment in Dental Assisting Program) Lecture: 3 hours, Lab: 4 hours Lab Fee: $20.00

DAST 1040 - Oral Biology II (3 Credits)

This course covers patient evaluation with medical histories, medical emergencies and oral conditions. Students are introduced to the fundamental concepts involving the development of oral tissues. (Prerequisite: DAST 1010) Lecture: 2.5 hours

DAST 1050 - Chairside Dental Assisting II (5 Credits)

This course is a continuation of DAST 1030. Students develop basic skills for assisting the dentist with dental specialties, such as endodontics and oral and maxillofacial surgery. Students are assigned to dental treatment facilities for supervised practice of clinical skills. Includes a one-week intercession. (Prerequisites: BIOL 1020 or 1070, DAST 1010, 1020, 1030, 1225, DENT 2010, 2225, Corequisite: DAST 1060) Lecture: 2 hours, Lab: 4 hours, Clinical: 320 hours over 16 weeks Lab Fee: $20.00

DAST 1060 - Dental Office Procedures (2 Credits)

This course covers principles and practices of the dental office. Topics include telephone, patient and appointment management; the preparation, use and care of office and treatment records; third party payment; supply and inventory control; use of computers to perform basic dental office procedures; and the legal and ethical standards required of professional dental personnel. (Corequisite: DAST 1050 or permission of instructor) Lecture: 2 hours

DAST 1225 - Dental Materials Lecture (1 Credits)

This course introduces students to the materials used in dental practice, including their physical properties and uses and considerations for their selection. (Prerequisite: Enrollment in Dental Assisting Program, Corequisite: DENT 2225) Lecture: 1 hour

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