Culinary Course Descriptions

CULN ( Culinary Arts Assistant Cert. )

CULN 1000 - Food Sanitation and Safety (3 Credits)

This course provides instruction on the extreme importance, reasoning and biological basics of sanitation practices related to the food industry. Students learn practices and procedures for safe food storage, handling, presentation and disposal. Topics include sanitation principals, prevention of illnesses, HACCP, accident prevention and food bacteriology, among others. Lecture: 3 hours Culinary Arts Lab Fee (Credit): $250.00

CULN 1010 - Fundamentals of Restaurant Operations (3 Credits)

This course provides an introduction to the world of culinary management and general industry standards. Students learn basic management skills needed in today's food service environment and an overview of various segments of the industry. Topics include basic supervisory skills, decision-making, leadership, problem solving, training and national industry standards. Lecture: 3 hours Culinary Arts Lab Fee (Credit): $250.00

CULN 1020 - Fundamentals of Food Production I (3 Credits)

This course introduces the basics of the culinary arts in preparation for a career in the food service industry. Students learn basic food preparation as it relates to composition, structure, appearance and nutrition. Major topics include professionalism, knife skills, tools and equipment, review of sanitation and principles of cooking. Lecture: 1 hour, Lab: 4 hours Culinary Arts Lab Fee (Credit): $250.00

CULN 1030 - Fundamentals of Food Production II (3 Credits)

This is a continuation of Food Production I with an emphasis on menus and recipes, production processes and hands-on food preparation in a simulated employment environment. Major topics include recognition, selection and proper use of tools and equipment, organization of a kitchen and maintenance and cleaning of equipment. (Prerequisite: CULN 1000) Lecture: 1 hour, Lab: 4 hours. Culinary Arts Lab Fee (Credit): $250.00

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