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Business Administration Course Descriptions

BUSN (Business Administration)

BUSN 1000 - Workplace Relationships (3 Credits)

This course exposes students to strategies required to navigate the professional environment, including career preparation and advancement with an emphasis on “soft skills” needed to develop and maintain effective working relationships. Lecture: 3 Hours

BUSN 1010 - Introduction to Business (3 Credits)

This course surveys business organizations as they operate within a free-market economy and diverse global community. The course focuses on the functional parts of a business, including production, accounting, marketing, and technology. Topics such as business ethics, social responsibility, competition, government regulations, demographics, and entrepreneurship will be examined. Environmental scanning will afford students an understanding of the interrelatedness of the internal and external environments of a business. Students will develop the vocabulary of business and will advance their critical analysis of a variety of business issues. Lecture: 3 hours

BUSN 1040 - Personal Finance (3 Credits)

This course helps individuals manage their money and property. Financial planning, budgeting, consumer protection, consumer credit, investing, housing and insurance are discussed. Lecture: 3 hours

BUSN 1050 - Small Business Administration (3 Credits)

This course covers the practical considerations involved in starting and operating a small business. Topics include what business to enter, success factors, financing, location, franchising, managing, record-keeping and small business computers. Lecture: 3 hours

BUSN 1060 - Leadership Development (3 Credits)

This course is designed to help emerging and existing leaders assume increasingly responsible leadership roles in their personal, professional, and academic lives. This course focuses on significant theories of leadership and their applicability to leaders of the past and present. Lecture: 3 Hours

BUSN 1145 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship (3 Credits)

This introductory course is designed to provide students with an overview of the skills and competencies needed to become an effective entrepreneur or intrapreneur, while also allowing them the opportunity to practice being an entrepreneur. Students will be exposed to concepts such as Design Thinking, Innovation, and Value Creation, as well as how to develop one’s own Entrepreneurial Mindset.

BUSN 1150 - Introduction to International Business (3 Credits)

This course introduces students to the importance and role of international business. Predominant themes include culture and business opportunities. Topics include international trade, balance of payments and multinational companies. Factors and entities that influence trade are considered. (Recommended: BUSN 1010) Lecture: 3 hours

BUSN 1165 - The Design Process (3 Credits)

This course will allow students to have a hands-on experience utilizing the Design Thinking process to identify, analyze and create opportunities for businesses and individuals. It examines key strategic issues related to new product development and will teach students to think strategically about innovation, development, and deployment utilizing a test and learn design process.

BUSN 1175 - Operations and Supply Chain Management (3 Credits)

This course will introduce students to operations and supply chains that are existing in all businesses. Vigilant management of operations and supply chains are critical to the overall success of an organization. This course integrates key functions of operations management, inventory control, purchasing, forecasting, scheduling, and implementing workflow improvement methodologies including just-in-time and quality management systems. (Prerequisite: ACCT 1020) Lecture: 3 hours

BUSN 1185 - The Lean Startup (3 Credits)

The focus of this course is on developing a new business concept or idea and rapidly assessing its viability. You will be exposed to the concept of “thinking big but starting small” by utilizing the “test and learn” approach to lean startups which includes launching small experiments, prototyping rapidly and inexpensively, tolerating failures and learning from mistakes. (Prerequisite: BUSN 1165)

BUSN 1220 - QuickBooks, Computer Application (1 Credit)

QuickBooks is a widely used computerized accounting package for small businesses. Topics covered include writing checks and paying bills, creating reports, managing accounts receivable and accounts payable, invoicing, managing inventory and preparation of payroll. Concepts are presented through hands-on exercises using a case study approach. Lecture: 2 hours, Lab: 2 hours - Lab Fee: $10

BUSN 2050 - Principles of Management (3 Credits)

This course introduces students to the principles, techniques, and concepts needed for managerial analysis and decision-making. It highlights effective management of organizational resources through planning, organizing, influencing, and controlling to achieve organizational goals. (Prerequisite: BUSN 1010. May be waived via testing. See course description for BUSN 1010). Lecture: 3 Hours

BUSN 2060 - Principles of Marketing (3 Credits)

This course offers an introduction to the basic concepts and operations involved in the marketing process. Among the topics covered are the basic marketing functions, identification and selection of target markets (including international), marketing research and technologies, pricing, products, promotion and channels of distribution. (Prerequisite: BUSN 1010. May be waived. See course description for BUSN 1010) Lecture: 3 hours

BUSN 2061 - Marketing Communications (3 Credits)

This course provides an introduction to the basic promotional tools available to the person interested in marketing a business or service. Topics to be covered include: source credibility, message development, media selection and understanding audiences. Communication with audiences through advertising, public relations and printed materials are explored. Lecture: 3 hours

BUSN 2063 - Sales (3 Credits)

This course introduces the fundamental skills required for work in a sales position. Topics include: the role and importance of selling, sales processes, personal qualities necessary for salesmanship and basic procedures for seeking a sales position. Lecture: 3 hours

BUSN 2065 - Advertising Principles (3 Credits)

This survey course deals with the planning, creation and role of advertising in our society. Topics include: advertising strategy development, media planning and the function of ad agencies. All major media are covered. Lecture: 3 hours

BUSN 2070 - Management Strategy (3 Credits)

This course is the capstone for the Management Concentration and the Management Certificate programs. Integration of key aspects covered in other management, business and communications courses are utilized. Emphasis is on the formulation, application and justification of managerial strategies through the use of cases and simulation. (Prerequisites: ACCT 1010, BUSN 2050, BUSN 2060. Note: ACCT 1020 strongly recommended) Lecture: 3 hours

BUSN 2110 - Money and Banking (3 Credits)

This course is an analysis and description of the monetary and banking aspects of our present economic system. Introductory material on money, credit and monetary standards precedes a more intensive study of the nature and functions of commercial banking and the Federal Reserve System. Lecture: 3 hours

BUSN 2120 - Investments (3 Credits)

This course studies the scope and nature of investment from the viewpoint of the individual investor. The course includes discussions of investment objectives, types of securities, mechanics of investing, security market procedures, sources of information, security analysis and forecasting techniques. Lecture: 3 hours

BUSN 2160 - Management and Labor Relations (3 Credits)

This course is the study of the evolution of the labor relations concept in the public and private sectors. Emphasis is placed on techniques that have resulted in sound management-labor relations policies. (Lecture: 3 hours)

BUSN 2350 - Human Resources Management (3 Credits)

This course examines the role of the human resource professional as a strategic partner in managing today’s organizations. Key functions associated with attracting, developing and maintaining a qualified workforce are examined considering the legal environment and emerging trends. The best practices of “employers of choice” are considered. (Prerequisites: BUSN 1010; BUSN 2050). Lecture: 3 Hours

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