AD Nursing Course Descriptions

See also HEAL and NURS courses.

ADNU ( AD Nursing )

ADNU 2010 - Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing Education (2 Credits)

The purpose of this course is to facilitate the transition of Associate Degree and Diploma nursing students into Baccalaureate Nursing education. The course will be the last course offered at the Associate Degree and Diploma levels. It is being offered to encourage students to pursue Baccalaureate education as they complete their Associate or Diploma education. Lecture: 2 hours, Lab: 2 hours

ADNU 2040 - Nursing IV (10 Credits)

This course helps prepare the nursing student to adapt to the role of the AD nurse. Theory and practice, while a continuation of Nursing I and II, is designed to increase the depth of knowledge and level of nursing skill. Content includes principles and concepts of advanced medical-surgical and psychiatric/mental health nursing and is organized around the nursing process and nursing diagnosis. Integrated throughout are concepts of health promotion, nutrition and pharmacology. Socio-cultural factors and adaptations for the elderly are also incorporated. Clinical experience includes care of patients with complex medical-surgical and psychiatric problems. (Prerequisites: BIO 2210, NURS 1020, ENGL 1010, PSYC 2030 and BIOL 1010 and 1020) Lecture: 5 hours, Lab: 15 hours Lab Fee: $20.00, Nursing Testing Fee: $100.00, Nursing Clinical Fee: $100.00

ADNU 2050 - Nursing V (10 Credits)

Based upon the nursing process and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, this course examines the dynamic changes in the family unit in health and illness. Emphasis is placed on the child-bearing family and families with sick children. Health promotion needs of individual family members at the various stages of the life cycle are explored. (i.e., the family with a pregnant adolescent, the family with aging grandparents and the health concerns of the adult female.) Student is assigned to a variety of clinical and community settings for experience. (Prerequisites: NURS 1020, ENGL 1010, PSYC 2030, BIOL 1010 and 1020) Lecture: 5 hours, Lab: 15 hours Lab Fee: $20.00, Nursing Testing Fee: $100.00, Nursing Clinical Fee: $100.00

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