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RI Educational Opportunity Center
CCRI Liston Campus Room 2254
One Hilton Street, Providence, RI 02905

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About the RIEOC

Since 1979, RIEOC has been affiliated with the Community College of Rhode Island assisting students of all ages and walks of life to succeed with their chosen educational and career goals.

EOC is part of the TRIO family of US Department of Education programs that provide assistance and support to low income and/or first generation college bound students (first generation meaning neither parent graduated from a four year college or university before the student reached eighteen) so they will succeed with their educational plans. EOC is one of five TRIO programs in Rhode Island.

TRIO programs help students overcome class, social and cultural barriers to higher education. there are five TRIO programs in Rhode Island.

In addition to EOC there are two other TRIO programs at CCRI, the RI Educational Talent Search Program (ETS). ETS provides support services to students in grades 6th through12th, who want to complete high school and enroll in a post-secondary institution and Access to Opportunity which assists CCRI students who have academic potential, but whose specific needs may interfere with their success.

The other two Rhode Island TRIO programs are located at Rhode Island College, the Upward Bound Program and Student Support Services.

The Upward Bound Program at RI College is the single such project in Rhode Island. Since 1966, Upward Bound Program has provided low-income, potential first-generation college students the skills and motivation necessary to complete high school and to enter and graduate from a program of post-secondary education.